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The 'please' did it by Alvina

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It was because of the 'please' that Dean couldn't say no to Castiel. It was the reason why they were there now.

Categories : Fanfictions Supernatural

Character : Castiel, Dean Winchester

Pairings : Dean/Castiel

Genre : Slash, PWP

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

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Published: May 2, 2015

Updated: May 2, 2015

The 'please' did it Chapter 01

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It was the 'please' that did it. Dean concluded as he sped the Impala down the street. It was something that he'd never heard the angel say, especially not to him. Hadn't even thought the word was in the angel's vocabulary. But when he heard the soft word falling from those chapped lips, everything changed for the hunter.

He had never taken a good look at Castiel. Usually, the only times he saw the angel was when he came with new orders. That had changed when the angel had rebelled against Heaven. For him,his mind supplied. Yes, the angel had said so himself. Everything he'd done had been for him.

At the time it had made Dean uncomfortable but now he could feel a warmth spread through him at those words. It wasn't uncomfortable, actually it was rather nice. He could feel it through his entire body and it was something he rather enjoyed. Though, he would never admit it out loud.

The hunter blamed the 'please' for all the feelings that were running through his entire body as well as the thoughts running through his mind. They hadn't been there before 'the event' as Dean had dubbed it. He hadn't given the angel a second thought, except for when he thought the angel was a dick but that didn't count.

It al began when Castiel had began his impossible mission of tracking down God. Mentally the hunter snorted. As if he was ever going to find the big man. He figured when the big man didn't want to be found, he couldn't be found. But the hunter knew something about missing fathers and knew this was something the angel had to do. He encouraged him, had even given Castiel his most beloved possession: the neckless which his brother had given him many years ago back when they still celebrated Christmas.

Sammy,he had to close his eyes as he thought about his brother. They had separated. It had been a hard decision for him but he knew it was for the best. It still hurt him that his brother, his own flesh and blood, had chosen a demon over him.

Never in his entire life had he ever chosen something or someone over his own family. It was something you just didn't do. Family above everything, that was what was important. Sammy, however, choose a lot of things above his family. Stanford, Ruby...

It had cut Dean more than he would care to admit.

Now, Sammy was gone and he was hunting alone when the angel had found him, with Bobby's help, asking for his help. Dean hadn't wanted to help the angel, realizing this would be a suicide mission but then the angel had used the word 'please' and his resolves crumbled and told the angel he would help. Not to mention, he could use the company.

That was the reason why he sped the Impala along the dark streets of yet another city in yet another state as he and Castiel searched for the archangel Raphael. All the while Dean was thinking about a certain angel in the passenger's seat. Yes, it definitely was the 'please' that did it...

Although Dean shouldn't really be surprised he was thinking like this about another man. He'd known he was into guys back when he was in high school when he and David Jones hit it off in the guys' locker room. It was the one and only time he'd indulged himself, remembering how he'd been picked on because of that. The rest of the school had made his life impossible the remaining time he'd been at the High School, always putting him down because he had done 'it' with a guy. School had been hell back then and he had been glad when his father arrived.

Through the years, Dean had forgotten he liked guys as he buried himself into women; hoping to forget that one incident. He had even gone as far as fallen in love with one. Cassie had been different, though the hunter couldn't exactly explain why, but he knew that wouldn't last. He decided to tell her what he did fully knowing that she would break up with him and when she did...well, he had been crushed for he had loved her but also knew it wasn't real.

The hunter realized all this was true when he met up with her a few years later. He hadn't loved her not really and it had been the right choice to leave her.

Now, he was having certain special thoughts about the angel next to him and realized he was in trouble. Not only was he a man but an angel. Dean had always been careful not to feel anything for another man but Castiel somehow slipped through his barriers. The barriers he'd put up after David Jones humiliated him in front of the entire school.

Dean still blamed the 'please' for it all. The 'please' and those goddamned blue eyes. He sighed as he realized he was hooked. Shit,he thought. Who would have thought. Dean Winchester was falling for an angel...a male angel at that. Nothing good can come out of this,the hunter realized with a sad sigh and made a silent promise to himself to make himself fall out of love with Castiel.

From the corner of his eyes he noticed that Castiel had turned to look at him and for a moment was afraid that the angel had read his thoughts but then realized that they had spoken about these things before. The angel promised not to read his thoughts unless he absolutely needed to.

That gave the hunter some comfort. He really didn't want the angel to know anything about this. Heck, he'd only just figured it out for himself. The angel probably didn't even know what it was Dean was felling.

Dean had learned from Anna that angels don't feel emotions. That had been the reason for her to rip out her grace and become human. If all of that was true, and Dean had no problem not believing him considering all angels (besides Cas) are dicks, then nothing good could come out of him starting a relationship with the angel.

Wait, did he really wanted a relationship with the angel?Damn, he'd fallen even deeper than he'd realized. He really needed to stop this!

Glancing over at the angel he, again, was grateful the angel wasn't reading his thoughts or actually hoped he wasn't. Castiel was probably too busy considering what to do when they found the archangel.

Which was another thing. How was he suppose to help the angel capture Raphael? He was a mere human, didn't have any powers. Sure, he was Michael's vessel but that didn't mean he was able to help at all. The angels wouldn't kill him, sure, but that didn't mean they couldn't hurt him.

Now, Dean wasn't afraid of a little pain but he did like even odds and fighting an angel, an archangel at that, was definitely not in his favor.

Despite all this, Dean didn't speak his, what were they?, fears out loud to the angel. Castiel had come to him for a reason and the hunter had promise to help him out. He was going to do his best and see what would happen. Even if that meant hurting or even dying.

They had arrived at the town not long after and talked to some people. Met up with Raphael's vessel - and Holy Shit, if he became Michael's condom he would end up even worse than lifeless over there? - No, way in hell was he ever going to say the big 'yes' to the angel if it meant him ending up like that. Not that he was planning on doing so, by the way.

Later that evening, when Castiel had told him that this might be his last day on earth and that he was going to die a virgin something had snapped inside of him. No one should be allowed to die a virgin, besides going to find some action might get his mind out of the gutter. It might make him forget he was lusting after a male angel.

"Let me tell you something. There are two things I know for certain. One, Bert and Ernie are gay," he said. He was certain of this because he knew how it felt to want someone you can't have. "Two, you are not gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch. Let's go," he continued and walked towards the Impala with the angel following him.

At the brothel, he looked around the room. There were plenty of hot girls there, some of them even caught his eyes but not one of them could compare to how cute the angel looked right now. He was freaking out, Dean could easily see it on his face. Nervousness shown from his eyes, he kept wetting his lips which must be unconsciously done as he'd never seen the angel do that. It was absolutely freaking adorable.

He mentally shook his head, not what he was here for. He turned to Castiel and noticed he was looking at this one girl before quickly looking away when he released the girl had notice him. This is so much fun,Dean thought as he introduce his friend to the girl who answered that her name was Chastity.

"Wow. Is that kismet or what, buddy? Well, he likes you, you like him, so dayenu," it was the only hebrew word he knew and hoped it gave the angel some reassurance. Making sure the angel had some money to give the girl he sat back down in search of a girl of his own. He really wanted to get his mind off of things, definitely not wanting to think about the angel doing thedeed with some random girl.

It wasn't long before a scream was heard and Dean went to investigate. The girl who'd been with Castiel stormed of telling him he was a jerk. Amazed, the hunter looked at the angel.

"The hell did you do?" He asked the angel, amused.

"I don't know," the angel replied. "I just looked her in the eyes and told her it wasn't her fault that her father Gene ran off. It was because he hated his job at the post office."

Dean had to swallow a laugh before he explained to the angel that that was why these houses exists. They left the brothel when two bouncers came after them and this time the hunter did release his laughter. Laughing so hard like he hadn't laughed in years.

When the angel asked him what was so funny the hunter just explained that he hadn't laughed in years. Which he hadn't, not for many long years. He couldn't even remember the last time he had laughed like this. It felt good to let it all out for once.

Glancing over at the angel he saw a hint of a smile and couldn't help but stare at it before realizing what he was doing and quickly looked away. "Let's go," he said and climbed into the car. They had an archangel to catch.

They arrived back at the abandoned house they were staying. Castiel immediately went to sit in the chair, stiffly and refused to look at the hunter.

"I'm sorry, Cas," the hunter said after a moment, breaking the silence.

The angel turned to look at him. "What are you sorry for, Dean?" He asked, a confused look on his face.

"I don't know, man, everything?" Dean shook his head and nervously run his hand through his hair. "I wanted to make sure your presumed last day on earth would be a night to remember. I guess I screwed it up."

"No, Dean, you didn't," the angel told him. "No one would have done what you've done for me. For me it's enough to know that I spend my last day on earth with you."

"That's sad," Dean said, uncomfortably. "Who wants to spend their last day with me?"

"That's your problem, Dean, you think so lowly of yourself that you fail to see how extraordinary you really are," Castiel's voice became stronger as he spoke. "It's my honor to spend time with you."

Uncomfortably, Dean looked away and went searching through his bag though he wasn't sure what he was looking for. He just needed to do something else besides look at the angel.

Before he knew it, the angel was standing right next to him. "Uhm, Cas," he began uncomfortable. "We've talked about this, remember?"

"Yes, Dean," Castiel answered, he knew the hunter was talking about the human's personal space. "But I have to be close enough to do this."

Without any warning, Castiel's lips crashed against his own and it took Dean a moment to register what was happening. Holy shit, Cas is kissing me!His brain supplied and began kissing him back. It was clear the angel was inexperienced in the art of kissing and Dean definitely has had partners who were better kissers but nothing could compare to this. This feeling of Castiel's lips against his own, his tongue entering his mouth.

Never before had Dean been turned on by a kiss only but this kiss, Castiel's kisses, send arousal through out his entire body and he could feel his member hardening in his pants. Shit, he hoped the angel wouldn't find out.

He took a step back, trying to get some space between them but the angel didn't seem to get the message as he took a step forward never breaking the kiss. The angel's arms encircled around his body, holding him in place. Dean wasn't able to do anything, except kissing the angel back and he gladly did that.

The angel's kisses were hurried and uncertain, so Dean took control of the kiss. Slowing it down, showing Castiel what he liked. The angel got the gist of it and mimicked the hunter's kisses. Shit, Cas is a fast learner, Dean thought as he moaned into the kiss. Gently taking the angel's upper lip between his teeth and sucking it before releasing it and deepening the kiss. The angel had moved his hands from his back down to his buttocks and pulled their crotches together making the hunter moan out loud again.

There was no way in hell Cas won't feel my erection now, Dean thought, a little embarrassed. He hadn't wanted the angel to find out that the hunter found Castiel attractive. Hopefully the angel won't know what it means.

He shifted, trying to get away from the angel but Castiel didn't get the message and moved with him. Unconsciously, he started moving his hips against the angel. Another moan escape the hunter, bringing him back to reality. Abruptly stopping any movements. "Cas," he whispered into the kiss. "What?" he wasn't able to say more as the angel deepened the kiss.

"Surely you know what we're doing," the angel had broken the kiss long enough to answer the hunter's question before delving into the kiss again.

The hunter let the angel kiss him for a few more moments, absolutely loving the the angel's kisses, before pushing with all his might the angel away. Even though Castiel wasn't a full angel anymore, he was still very strong. "Stop," he whispered when the angel didn't want to break the kiss.

"What's wrong?" The angel asked silently wondering if he had done something wrong and took a step back.

"Where do I begin?" Dean said shaking his head, trying to clear his thoughts. What the hell was happening? He'd been kissing an angel and not any angel, Cas! "You're kissing me, Cas,"

"Not right now, I'm not," the angel replied.

"Damnit Cas!"

"Forgive me for upsetting you, it was not my intent," the angel said before taking another step away from the hunter.

Dean took a moment to study the angel. He looked dejected, as if he had been rejected and was he rejecting him? The hunter could never reject him. He just wanted to know what the hell was going on. Why was Castiel acting this way? "Cas," he said making the angel look at him. "Why did you kiss me?"

"I don't know," the angel replied. "Because I wanted to."

He wanted to kiss me? Dean wondered before voicing his thoughts.

"Yes," the angel felt uncomfortable under Dean's gaze and took another step away from the hunter.

Dean licked his lips to wet them as he thought about what the angel was telling him. "I thought angel didn't feel emotions, don't want anything,"

"Why do you say that?" the angel inquired with a curious look. The intense stare locked with the hunter's, making a warmth spreading through Dean's entire body.

"Anna told me," Dean shrugged as if it was common knowledge.

"Anna," said Castiel with a tone that clearly suggested 'that explains it all'. "What other lies has she told you?"

"Lies?" Dean asked, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Anna is the angel of lies, Dean, she only tells the truth if it get's her something in return," the angel explained. "She's able to entrance you with her lies so you'll do exactly as she wants."

"Which explains why I had sex with her in my car when I didn't even want to," Dean sighed as he sat down on the unstable table. "Figures I'm that easy, huh."

"You mustn't think so low of yourself, Dean," the angel said as he went to stand in front of the hunter. "Anna would have found another way to enthrall you."

"I guess I'm just that lucky, aren't I?" Dean sounded so defeated that it broke the angel's heart.

"There was a reason why Anna did what she did." Although Castiel didn't want to tell the hunter why the other angel had done what she did but he knew the hunter needed to hear it.

"She just wanted to get into my pants?" Dean joked but failed to smile.

"Many years I've spend serving under Anna but was always the favorite of our brother Gabriel," a hint of a smile played on the angel's lips. "He was my older brother, like you are to Sam, but Anna had always wanted to be everyone's favorite and was jealous when she wasn't Gabriel's."

"She was jealous of you?" Dean concluded.

"Yes, she knew, before I even did, that I liked you and decided pay pack was in order. She slept with you because she knew it would hurt me."

Dean took a moment to take in what the angel was telling him. It figures that he was once again being used. The people around him had always used him, hadn't they? His father had used him as a soldier, his brother as a...what? reason to go on a vengeance trip. The angels had used him as a brainless puppet, expecting him to go wherever they told him to.

The defeated look on the hunter's face hurt Castiel more than he ever would be able to say. Once before had he seen this look, it had been when he'd told Dean that he had been responsible for the first seal to break and made a promise to himself never to allow that look to show on the hunter's face ever again. Obviously, he had failed.

"Dean," he began but wasn't sure how to continue. What could he possible say to the man in front of him to make him feel better? Instead, he just showed him. He took the hunter's face between his hands and slowly leaned in, letting him know his intent before closing the distance between their lips.

The kiss was meant to be slow, as the hunter had showed him, but it became more heated. When the hunter unconsciously opened his legs, Castiel went to stand between them bringing their bodies closer together. The hunter moaned as the angel rubbed against his hard member.

When they broke the kiss, the hunter wet his lips. Still tasting the angel on them. It was strange, he had used many women in this fashion and never felt anything close like this. A simple kiss from Castiel made him feel so much, it was as if everything he'd ever felt with the women he'd sleep with rolled into one person. Words weren't able to describe what he felt when he kissed the angel, he just knew that he wanted more.

"Cas," he began but wasn't sure what to say so he remained quiet.

The angel trailed his fingers over the hunter's face, carefully as if trying to remember every little detail. "Dean," the angel replied.

The hunter and the angel had only said each other's name but it had meant much more than that. They wanted each other, they needed each other, they were on the same page. Everything that would happen from this moment forward would be with both of their consents.

The angel reached out and removed the hunter's jacket before removing his t-shirt. He took in the hunter's firm chest, his perky nipples and the hand print on his left shoulder.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," the hunter mumbled. Normally, he wasn't shy about his body but under Castiel's surveying gaze, he felt a little self-conscious.

"I know everything there is to know about your body, Dean," the angel told him. "I've reattached every vein, every piece of flesh to restore your body. I removed every scar there ever was and pumped your veins full of blood. I restarted your heart and filled your lungs with air. I placed your soul inside your body and waited till you regained consciousness. There's nothing I don't know about your body."

"Shit, Cas, I never took you for a romantic," the hunter said embarrassed.

"You have nothing to hide from me, Dean," the angel whispered before he kissed the hunter again. He let his arms encircle the hunter and pressed their bodies even closer. The kiss began to grow more passionately, more hungrily.

The ugly trench coat was removed, as well as his jacket. More clothes seemed to vanish as the hunter and angel began to become more desperate. Their need for each other was growing.

"Cas," Dean moaned as their naked bodies came into contact. "Do you know what to do?"

Castiel cocked his head before nodding. "Yes, Dean, I may be a virgin but I've been around for centuries. I know what to do."

"Good, that's good," the hunter replied nervously. It had been a while since he made love to a guy and it was definitely nerve wracking.

"Dean, I won't hurt you," the angel promised realizing the hunter was nervous.

"Head that one before," the hunter muttered. He looked at the angel and realized he was telling the truth. He wouldn't intently hurt him.

The angel nodded his head before he opened the hunter's legs so he could sit between them again both of them were naked so the action made their crotches come into contact. The both of them moaned out loud. He raised the hunter a little so he was able to enter a finger into his tight hole.

"You have to relax, Dean," the angel told him when he found much resistance.

"I'm trying," Dean replied, closing his eyes and taking a few deep breaths trying to relax himself.

The angel felt the hunter relaxing and entered another finger. He knew that usually lube was used in these type of cases but they didn't have any. Castiel knew that the hunter had some oil in the back of his trunk but he really didn't want to go outside knowing full well that the hunter wasn't able to wait either.

Slowly he entered the two fingers. Not wanting to cause the hunter any pain, he removed his fingers again. Earning him a moan of disappointment which turned into pleasure when he saw the angel taking his finger into his mouth and wetting them.

"Oh shit Cas," Dean moaned as he followed the movement.

The angel entered the hunter again, this time with saliva coated fingers and found that it went in a little easier. He wriggled his fingers around, opening the hunter up more. A third finger was entered, this time he used the hunter's pre-come to ease the way until he was satisfied the hunter was prepared enough.

He took hold of the hunter's member and coated his own member as much as he could with it, before he slowly entered the hunter. Once he was buried inside Dean, he stopped moving giving the hunter time to adjust to being filled.

"Please, Cas, move," the hunter moaned after a few moments.

At his command the angel started to move his body in and out of the hunter. Slowly at first, but gaining speed. His thrusting became irregular as his pleasure started building.

Dean could feel his arousal growing, pleasure spreading through his body building from his toes up through his entire body. He moved in time with the angel's thrusts. Their pace quickened until the angel came deep inside the hunter while the hunter came over their stomachs.

Breathing heavily, Dean laid back against the table. Castiel still standing between his legs and inside of him.

"I'll do everything in my power never to leave you, Dean," the angel promised him.

"Don't make any promises you can't keep, Cas," the hunter replied and sat back up as he tried to catch his breath. He looked the angel up and down, realizing he wasn't sweating while his own body was covered with sweat. Nor was the angel breathing heavily. Guess, that's one of the perks for being an angel. The hunter thought as he let his hand roam the other's back.

"Why now?" Dean asked after a moment of silence.

Castiel looked away before facing the hunter again. "You weren't ready before," he simple explained.

"So you were listening to my thoughts," Dean concluded.

The hunter sworn that he saw a blush on the angel's cheeks before answering. "You were broadcasting," he replied in defense. "Your thoughts were too loud to ignore..."

"Cas, it's okay," Dean heard himself saying. "I mean, I don't like it when you read my mind but I know that sometimes you can't help it."

The angel only nodded but kept staring at the hunter. Which, for some reason made him feel special inside. They stayed silent for a while until Dean started clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "Uhm, Cas?" he said after a moment. "Are you ever going to...uhm...remove yourself from me?"

When the angel cocked his head in confusion the hunter lowered his gaze to their, still, locked bodies.

"Oh," the angel only said and let his member slide out of the hunter. "Forgive me, mating is foreign to me."

"Yes, I realized that," the hunter grinned. "Wait, did you just call this mating?" He gestured between the two of them when he said that.

"Yes, that is what we did, right?"

"Us humans don't exactly call this mating, Cas, fucking, rolling in the dirt, making love, anything but mating..."

"But there is no dirt," confusion showed on the angel's face. "Is that another human saying?" He almost let out another sigh at another catch phrase he didn't understand. Humans were so complicated, the angel thought.

"Yeah, Cas," the hunter let out a laugh.

"It's different for angels," the angel said breaking the uncomfortable silence that had fallen over the two of them.

"What?" Dean asked, not having heard what the angel had said. The table was getting awfully uncomfortable but he wasn't able to move since Castiel was still in the way.

Castiel looked at the hunter before him not sure if the hunter would comprehend what it meant what he was going to explain but figured he 'd give him the benefit of the doubt. "We've mated, Dean, to angel's it means we've mated."

Dean imitated the angel by cocking his head. Thinking about what the angel had said. Something deep inside him told him it meant more than just fucking. He racked his brain trying to find out what the word 'mating' meant. He knew some animals mated but what did it mean for them?

Dean wasn't sure what it meant for an animal but it didn't matter for Castiel wasn't an animal. Maybe it was like some lore, that there are creatures that mate for life. They take a mate and never would feel complete without their mate. Once their mate died, they would never be complete again. They also wouldn't take another mate. Was that what it meant for the angel? Coking his head, he realised it was true.

"We've mated," Dean began. "That means, what, you only want to get laid by me?"

Castiel knew the hunter had realised what it meant but didn't understand why he had to be crude. "Dean," he began but stopped and lowered his head.

The hunter felt ashamed when he saw the angel's defeated look. "Shit," he said before he raised his hands to make the angel look at him. "Cas, I'm sorry," he said. "You know me," he sighed. "When something good happens to me I put my walls up."

He licked his lips, before kissing the angel. "I don't know how to handle this," he admitted. "But I'm willing to find out with you, okay?"

Castiel studied the hunter, looking deep into his soul, knowing he was saying the truth. He nodded his head before the hunter pulled him in for another kiss,

"So, what does it exactly mean to be mated to an angel?" Dean asked after they broke the kiss.

"It means that you are mine, as well as I'm yours," Castiel told the hunter, with a tiny blush.

Dean nodded at his words. "I think I can live with that."

The hunter let out a laugh when the angel's eyes lit up and a grin started playing on his lips before kissing the hunter with a new found hunger, pushing Dean down onto the table. "I've created a monster, haven't I?"

The angel didn't reply, only kissed the hunter once more.

"I don't want to be a party pooper but the table is rather uncomfortable," Dean told the angel as he grimace when a splinter entered his back when he moved. "Can we move this a little more comfortable...and hygienically."

The angel stood back and cocked his head. "Where?"

"You can zap us anywhere, right?" Dean shook his head, not believing he was actually okay with Castiel zapping them anywhere. If he wasn't so turned on he probably wouldn't have suggested it but he figured another round of amazing sex beats the no pooping for a week thing.

"Yes," the angel answered.

"Zap us to some motel," Dean said. "And don't forget our clothes." he added when the angel lifted his hand to zap them to an hotel.

Once the angel had zapped them to some motel, some very luxurious hotel, the hunter let out a whistle of appreciation. "Being mated to an angel has it perks," he admitted. "I think I'm going to like being mated to you, Cas."

"There are some downside to it as well, Dean," Castiel admitted.

"I figured that out Cas, but let us enjoy the perks for now," Dean smiled. "We definitely, should stop talking..." he raised his head in question hoping he understood the message. Which, luckily, he did.

Dean knew that there were still some things left unset but at the moment he didn't care. They were mated and though the hunter wasn't clear on everything he knew it was a bug deal but at the moment he didn't care. All he knew was that this might be Castiel's last day on earth and he was going to make sure it was going to be a day to remember and the were definitely not going to spend it talking.

The hunter grinned when he noted that the angel realized this as well. Another blink later had the angel on top of him while they were laying on the bed. Yes, Dean thought as the angel kissed him. He was definitely going to like being mated to an angel.

The End