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First Time by Alvina

Rated: G

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An intimate scene with a married couple.

Categories : Fanfictions Phantom of the Opera

Character : Christine, Erik

Pairings : Christine/Erik, Erik/Christine

Genre : Romance, AU

Warnings : Explicit sexual content

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 852

Read count: 24

Published: March 31, 2007

Updated: March 31, 2007

First Time Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own POTO neither do I know him. This is merely for my own enjoyments.
Begun at: 31 March 2007
Ended at: 31 March 2007

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A smile was born on Erik's face as he took in the vision before him. His wife was laying naked on their bed smiling up at him, waiting. He slowly made his way over to the bed and crawled on top of her kissing her full lips. The kiss grew more heated with each passing moments and Erik broke the kiss with a moan. He placed kisses on her cheek and left a trail to her neck. Sucking, nibbling and kissing her neck.

The moan that escaped his beautiful wife's lips made him smile. He deserted her neck and left a trail towards her breast, first placing a light kiss on her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Then releasing it only to start over again, making sure both breast received equal attention.
He felt his wife arch her back, making him smile, knowing it was him giving her pleasure. He slowly travelled down to her belly, tonguing her belly button knowing it would arouse her even more.

Sure enough a growl escaped his beautiful wife's lips before she pulled him up to her to draw his lips in a passionate kiss.
Before he knew it she was on top of him and already kissing her way to his neck.

He moaned at the attention his wife was giving his body. His hands roamed over her body touching her as much as possible.

His wife had lowered her administration to his men nipple, taking them into her mouth and sucking on them just like he had done moment before to her.

Once she was satisfied both nipple received even attention she kissed her way down. When she reached his member she placed soft kisses on it making Erik hiss at the contact. When she sucked the tip into her mouth he arched his back and let out a growl. His eyes closed as she swirled her tongue over the top of his erection.

Erik opened his eyes when his wife took him into her mouth. He saw himself disappear into her luscious mouth and moaned. Their eyes met just as Erik bugled when Christine gently sucked the tip, only to take him fully into her mouth.

Eventually Erik couldn't take it any more. Her sweet mouth was taking him closer and closer to his orgasm but she would not give him the pleasure. Instead she'd slow down. "Stop…" Erik let out a moan as she sucked a little harder. "…teasing," he grunted, earning a smile of his beloved wife.
Christine took mercy on her husband and helped him over the edge. Smiling when he groaned her name. She crawled on top of him and gave him a passionate kiss, letting him taste himself in her mouth.

"You little vixen," he grunted.

Christine shot him an innocent smile and let out a gasp as she was turned around and pinned to the bed by her husband, who was grinning down at her. "Your turn," he said as he bent down to kiss her. Once the kiss was broken he licked his way down to her throat, gently sucking on it before travelling to her breasts. One breast he cupped with his hand while the other was being sucked on. He stopped giving attention to her breast and, once more, travelled down ward. He reached his destination and started to suck, nibble and lick her clit. Her breathing sped up and he know she was close. He stopped his penetration to her clit and went to slid his tongue inside her, which earning him a moan. He felt her getting close again but this time he did not stop.

Christine arched her back as her husband's skilled tongue brought her over the edge. She had closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw her husband smirking at her. She grabbed him and pulled him up to kiss him deeply. "Make love to me," she ordered when she broke the kiss.

That was something Erik needn't be told twice and quickly but gently entered her. Both moaned at being so intimate connected to each other. Both had stilled their movements to relieve the moment of being together but once they started kissing again, Erik slowly moved out of her only to move back in.

Slowly they made love, kissing each other and slowly meeting each other's trust. Christine was the first to found her relieve and Erik quickly followed.

Neither moved away, both needing to kiss the other. Christine's travelling hands made Erik grow hard again and he started moving once more.

Christine loved the feeling of Erik growing hard when he was inside of her and moaned into the kiss. Both found their release together, this time and with one last kiss Erik pulled out of her. He lay back and Christine quickly snuggled half on top of him.

"I love you," Christine whispered as she yawned.

"I love you too, my angel," he replied and placed a kiss on top of her head.

Christine yawned again and snuggled even closed to her husband. She was fast asleep by the time Erik pulled the covers over their naked bodies and found sleep as well…

The End
31 March 2007