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Love Knows I Love You by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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About four months after Dumbledore’s death, Harrison “Harry” Diggory and Edward Mason Cullen are trying to figure out where they stand with each other when fate steps in again. Can they survive whatever fate pushes at them or is fate cruel enough to tear them apart?

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter, Fanfictions Twilight

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry

Genre : Slash, Drama, Romance

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 15

Completed : Yes

Word count : 58.665

Read count: 92

Published: November 1, 2009

Updated: May 11, 2010

Love Knows I Love You Chapter 08

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Harry was dragged away from the battlefield by one of the vampires and back into the house. He vaguely heard one of the vampires telling Esme what had transpired outside but he didn't pay any attention. It wasn't until his son apparated into his arms that he realised he was back inside. His arms immediately went around C.J, holding him close; needing the strength that only his son could give him. As he started to walk, he didn't care where he was going, it wasn't until he carefully laid his son down on the bed that he realised he had ended up in Edward's…their room. Climbing in, he crawled up closer to his son, as sobs were wracked from his body.

His mate was gone… Nothing was going to bring him back. The heartbreak took hold of Harry as the scene of his mate exploding played over and over again in his head. Never was he going to hold him again. Never was he going to kiss him again. He was never going to hear his sweet musical voice again. Never would he feel safe again.

He remembered the last time he felt safe. Edward had been true to his promise and stayed at Harry's side whenever they were at school to find out who the bully was; but during that time he hadn't seen him. It didn't matter whether or not Edward knew who the bully was because Harry had never felt safer.

Another sob broke from his body as he remembered the day when Edward found out who was bullying him…


Edward took Harry's hand in his own as they entered the classroom. They had math class first period and Edward knew how much Harry was struggling with it. They had set up a kind of system where they would do their homework together. Harry would first try to see if he understood what he was doing and if he didn't he'd ask Edward to explain it to him.

Edward smiled as he looked over at his mate, who was trying to understand what the teacher was talking about with a blank look on his face. Finally not even trying anymore to figure out what the teacher had written down on the black board, he gave up – letting his pen drop on the table in the process.

Repressing a chuckling at his mate's antics, Edward leaned in and pointed to the exercise Harry had copied down. "What's the first thing you need to do when you see the exercise x/15 = 42/70?" He whispered softly, as to not draw the attention of the teacher.

"I don't know, now do I?" Harry snapped at him, irritated.

Edward just gently shook his head. "The first thing you do is multiply the x times 70 and 15 times 42," he explained softy. "What do you get then?"

Harry wrote down what Edward had told him to do. "70x = 630?" he asked gently after calculating the answer on his calculator.

"Yes," Edward nodded his head. "Now what's the last thing you need to do?"

Harry looked at the vampire before turning his attention back to the sum in front of him. "Find out what x is?" he asked after a moment.

"Yes, that's correct," Edward said proudly. "And how do we do that?"

Thinking hard, Harry looked up with a blank look then shook his head not knowing how to continue.

"70x, what does that mean?" He asked.

"That you have 70 x's?" Harry asked, dumbly. He hated it when he didn't understand the bloody exercises.

"It does mean that," Edward answered. "But it also means seventy times x. Now 70x = 630, what do you need to do to figure out how much one x is?"

"Divide?" He asked, a little hopefully.

"Yes," Edward smiled in encouragement. He knew how much trouble Harry had with math and was glad to see tat he finally understood things. "Now by how much do you need to divide x?"

Glancing at the sum again, Harry answered. "70?"

"Correct," Edward nodded his head. "Now, if 70x divide by 70 is x how much do we need to divide 630 with?"

Once more Harry looked at the exercise. If he needed to divide x with 70 to find out what x means, what would he need to divide 630 with? "You'll need to do the same thing you did with the numbers before the equal sign," his mate added.

"So, if I divide 70x with 70, I'll need to divide 630 with 70 as well?" Happiness shone from Edward's eyes as he nodded. "So that means x equals nine?" Harry asked after he calculated the sum on his calculator.

"Yes, that's correct," Edward said proudly. "Now try the next one and let's see if you understand it."

Harry nodded and continued onto the next problem. When he finished, he looked hopefully at his mate who smiled proudly at him, he knew he finally understood the context. "That's all?" He asked, amazed how easy it had been when Edward explained it to him. "Why can't the teacher explain it like this then? I finally understand what I have to do! The way he explained it doesn't make any sense."

"I believe he likes to make himself sound smart," Edward observed.

"Smart? If only…" He was interrupted by the teacher calling their names.

"Please tell me, Mr. Cullen and Mr. Diggory, what's so important that you feel the need to discuss it in my class?" The teacher asked.

"Edward was just explaining the ratio to me, Mr. Deacon," Harry answered quickly with an innocent expression on his face. "I had some trouble understanding the context and didn't want to interrupt you."

"Please refrain from doing that to during class, Mr. Diggory," Mr. Deacon said, with a stern glare.

Harry nodded in apology but shared a secret smirk with his mate.

After class Harry gathered his things and left the classroom. Normally, after class, Edward would walk with him to his next class but today he didn't. Harry merely raised an eyebrow but didn't question his mate.

It didn't take him long to be cornered by three boys, immediately he recognised the faces and sent his thoughts to Edward hoping he was able to receive them.

"Looky what I found, boys. Little queen fairy without her boyfriend," the tallest one, Jason, taunted. The two other boys laughed. "Don't have your boyfriend around to protect you now, huh?"

Harry eyes narrowed as the boy advanced on him and reached up to caress his cheek. "Who says I need him to protect me?" He asked as he slapped the hand away.

"Oo, feisty! I love it!" Jason taunted, smiling brightly he reached up again, grabbing Harry's chin in a tight hold.

Harry was about to tell him to let go when he felt his magic building up. Knowing it was reacting to his emotions, he tried to calm down, taking deep breaths and pushing his magic into the earth little by little. Trying his best to control his magic so it wouldn't get out of control. He had to close his eyes as his magic kept building up and started breathing loudly.

"Aww looky how scared he is," the smallest one, Dirk – Harry remembered, taunted as well, mistaking his reaction for fear.

Harry tried to push them away but they quickly took hold of his arms and pinned him against the wall. A sound was heard from their left, making them look up. Maybe they were afraid that it would be Edward, Harry didn't know but this gave him the opportunity to push against the smallest one and break free of the hold Michael had on his other arm. He dashed away, but Jason caught up with him and yanked him into the bathroom forcefully, making Harry fall to the ground.

"Now that wasn't very nice," Jason sneered as the other two boys caught up with them and pulled Harry back onto his feet, holding him with a tight grip against one of the stalls. "I think you've forgotten your place."

Getting a little scared as he was unable to break away and getting angry at himself for getting scared for he had dealt with things more terrifying than a few muggle bullies, his emotions were running amuck. His magic was reacting to his flood of emotions; he could feel it running under his skin wanting to push out. Concentrating very hard on his magic, he kept pushing it into the earth little by little.

The boys seemed to take his silence for granted. "Scared?" One of them asked. Harry couldn't be bothered to figure out which one had said it. "You aren't so high and mighty now you don't have your boyfriend to save you."

You stupid chit, I'm trying very hard not to kill you, Harry thought as he shook his head; it felt as if his magic was ready to strike out. It crackled in the air, startling the three boys. Where was Edward? He needed his mate to control his magic; he didn't want to hurt anyone, considering how powerful his magic was he would most likely kill them. Where was he?

"I think I know how I can put him back in his place." Harry's eyes shot open as he felt a hand on his clothed crotch. Hissing in pain as the hand gripped him tightly, he shut his eyes again. No, no, no…please no… He prayed in his mind when he felt the buttons of his jeans being undone. He struggled harder, trying to get away.

"Ah shit," Dirk hissed in pain.

"What? What was it?" Jason asked as his hand stilled.

"Nothing," Dirk replied. "Just a shock," he assured him.

Jason nodded before continuing undoing Harry's pants. He slid his hands inside and smiled. "What, not hard?" He mocked. "I thought you liked this sort of thing." He and the two other boys laughed again but stopped as soon as they heard a rather feral voice growl at them.

"Unhand my mate," Edward had heard his mate's pleas and had gone in search of him. He knew the bullies would be on Harry the second he stepped away from his mate and had, in fact, used him as bait. Although, feeling slightly guilty for using him so, he knew there would be no other way to find out who was hurting his mate; Harry would never tell him who they were.

The moment Harry told him he was being bullied at school he had made a silent promise to himself to hurt the person who bullied his mate. He'd tried to figure out who it was, but came up with nothing. Harry wouldn't tell him out of fear of what he would do. So he asked his brothers for help; both joined him in his search to protect the latest member of their coven.

Jason, too confident for his own good, turned to the newcomers and pasted a smirk on his face. "Oh, yeah, come to save your little fairy queen? What are you going to do about it?"

Harry looked up when he heard his mate's voice, relieved that he had come for him. Of course I would, he heard in his head. He gave him a slight reassuring smile before concentrating on his magic again, which was now reaching out to his mate trying to stabilise. Knowing that Edward would take care of the bullies, he could concentrate on his magic before it shot out of control.

Hearing the cocky question, Harry couldn't help but shake his head. Now he's done it, he thought just before he felt the presence before him disappear along with the two still holding him. He let himself fall down to the ground, gathering all his strength and pushed his magic through the school into the earth before looking up.

He looked up just in time to see his mate repeatedly punching Jason while Jasper was punching Dirk and Emmett kicking Michael. Blood were tripping down the bullies faces and Harry was slightly afraid that Jasper would lose control but one look at him told him that the vampire had perfect control.

Dirk was the first one to pass out and Jasper walked over to Harry. "Are you all right?" He asked gently as he crouched down beside his little brother. Jasper pulled the smaller boy into his arms, the emotions too much for him; he couldn't believe a human would actually feel safe with a vampire.

When he entered the bathroom he could feel the overwhelming emotions take hold of Harry; fear clearly among them. What surprised Jasper was the fact that the fear of getting hurt but of hurting someone else. He knew Harry had a problem with his magic and if he'd lost control he could kill everyone in the school; hoping to prevent this he sent Harry calming waves hoping this would help.

Mutely, Harry nodded, still processing what he was seeing. Unconsciously he hugged the empath closer, needing the contact.

"Edward told us you were being bullied, we offered to help. He made us promise to make sure we wouldn't kill them, though," Jasper answered his unspoken question. "He told us you were afraid what would happen to us and the family?" the last was added in question.

Again, Harry nodded. "Yes, I feared you'd be exposed. It was why I didn't tell him."Jasper nodded his understanding.

"I assume you want to make yourself presentable, I'll turn around," he said nodding to the undone buttons of the wizard's pants. "Don't be embarrassed," he hastened to add when he felt the emotion pass through the wizard. "It's not your fault."

The empath stood before turning to the battle in front of him; Emmett was kicking one of the bullies repeatedly in his stomach with a big grin on his face. Jasper shook his head; Emmett was enjoying this far too much. Walking over to his younger brother he stood in front of him to make the younger vampire stop.

Emmett stood back, with a smile on his face. When Jasper turned from him he gave the bully one last kick; no one messes with my little brother!

Harry was still blushing when he redid the buttons of his jeans. He had totally forgotten about that; his uncontrollable magic too much on his mind. Looking up as he redid the last button he noticed that Edward was still the only one fighting.

Edward was repeatedly hitting Jason, a feral look in his eyes. Standing up, Harry made his way to his mate. "Edward?" He softly called out, wanting his mate to stop before he killed the bully.

The vampire growled; this unworthy person touched his mate! Hurt his mate! No one was getting away with it!

"Edward," Harry tried again and placed a hand on his mate's shoulder. The vampire turned to him; the feral look in his mate's eyes didn't make Harry back away. "Edward, let him go," he commanded, hoping his mate would obey him.

Edward turned back to the boy he was still holding up by his shirt and cocked his head before hitting the boy again. It was the silent ‘now' his mate added to his phrase that made him drop the boy to the floor. His mate! His mate was hurt. Turning to Harry, he was met with concerned eyes.

"Are you all right?" Edward asked, his voice laden with concern when he came back to his senses. When he entered the bathroom and saw the bully touching his mate in that intimate manner, he had wanted to kill him. Only the promise he had made to his mate and the silent command had held him back.

Harry's eyes locked with his mate's before he looked away blushing; he felt as if he had let his mate down by letting someone else touch him in such a way. How could his mate forgive him?

"It is not your fault, Harrison," Edward told his mate after reading his thoughts. "I should kill him for touching you." His eyes fell on the unconscious form of Jason before they fell back on his mate when he felt him stiffen. "You were not at fault," he repeated as he made his mate look at him and carefully caressed one of his cheeks.

Harry licked his dry lips before nodding; grateful his mate was touching him, a gentle smile started to play on his lips when the vampire placed a kiss on his cheek. Looking around the room, he noticed the three boys, who were now unconscious and bleeding, lying on the floor. For a moment he felt sympathy for them but then he remembered what they had done and were about to do and he felt only hatred.

His eyes fell on the three vampire brothers who were looking at him with worry in their eyes. "Thank you," he said before giving them a weak smile before he hugged first Emmett then Jasper only to hug Edward closer to him when he pulled away from them. His legs would have given away if Edward hadn't held him up.

"Come on Squirt," Emmett said taking initiative when he saw how shaken up his little brother still was. When he had taken in the scene in front of him, he had wanted to kill those bullies for touching his brother. He was amazed that Edward had managed to hold himself back for he knew that if someone touched Rosalie in that manor he would have ripped their throats out… "We best be getting you home, there's no point in staying here." Walking over to the other side of the wizard, he helped his brother support him. Both knowing Harry wouldn't like to be carried like some damsel in distress.

They entered the parking lot after exiting the school and Jasper climbed into the driver's seat of the Viper, knowing that the mind-reader wouldn't be letting his mate go, while the two lovers took the back seat and Emmett climbed into his jeep; speeding off home.

Edward hugged Harry close and kissed his tears away the whole way home and into the night…


Harry's eyes focussed on his son after he relived the memory. The moment his mate's arms had closed around him, he had felt so safe. Knowing Jasper and Emmett were there to protect him as well gave him an even safer feeling. He wasn't used to being the one who needed protecting. Normally, he was the one saving everyone else; now having someone trying to protect him…well he found that he liked that very much.

When C.J, Edward and he had gone swimming and he'd gone under Edward had saved him once again! Knowing that he could always depend on Edward to save him made him all warm and fuzzy inside. All the way back home, Edward had held a strong hold on him and never let him go; not even when they were lying in bed.

Another memory took hold of him as he remembered another time when Edward had protected him. The family went out camping and Edward, Emmett, Rosalie and Carlisle had gone off to hunt. C.J. had started to walk around when Harry saw an animal crossing his path. Realising it was a bear, Harry had slowly walked up to C.J. and picked him up, knowing that any sudden movements would scare the bear and make him lash out. Not a minute later the bear started to react, standing on his back paws; raising himself to his full height and swung one large paw towards the pair.

Harry turned his back on the bear in order to protect C.J. and closed his eyes as he waited for the blow to come and the pain to kick in…It never came. When he opened his eyes and turned around, he saw Edward struggling with the bear before he bared his teeth and sank them into the bear's neck, sucking him dry.

Knowing the danger had passed, Harry checked his son over; seeing he was alright made him sigh in relief. "Are you all right?" Edward's sweet voice went straight through him.

"Yes, how about you?" Harry asked and took a step towards the vampire when he noticed the vampire still had his back to him.

"I'm fine," he said and took a step away from Harry. "No, I don't want you to see me like this…"

Harry hadn't known what he meant. All he knew was that he needed his mate's arms around him. "Edward, I don't care. Look at me, please…"

It was the ‘please' that did it and Edward turned around. Harry noticed that his normal topaz eyes were now golden. His face was contracted, as if he was trying to control something…the predator, Harry had thought. Suddenly, the wizard realised what Edward was trying to tell him; the predator had protected his mate and needed to reassure itself that his mate was still there. Under normal circumstances the predator would restate his claim, but since Edward hadn't claimed him yet he couldn't and that's why he was holding himself back.

Carefully, Harry sat C.J. down and shook his head when the child was immediately picked up and rushed away by the other vampires; Harry didn't know who. He took a step closer to his mate, who was standing rigid, not moving an inch. The wizard placed a hand on his mate's cheek caressing it, before it sneaked around the vampire head and pulled him closer as he kissed him.

For a moment, Edward didn't move afraid that if he did the predator would get out of control but then he gave in and kissed his mate back with a vengeance; needing to know he was all right.

It had been another time when Edward had protected him and, once again, he had felt safe and protected in his mate's arms and his kisses made him feel like he belonged to someone, that he was loved.

Another sob raked from his body as he saw Edward explode in his mind again. Never was he going to feel his kisses again… Never would he feel those wonderful arms around him again.

How could he have lost his mate? Again?! Wasn't fate cruel enough to him? He had lost his husband, the first person to ever love him for who he was, and now he has lost his mate as well?

He should have known something was going to happen! He should have known! His instincts had been telling him something was going to happen but he figured it had been the whole incident with Edward; that they were slowly drifting apart without them knowing. But they had solved that when Edward had taken initiative and explained to Harry why he was pulling away from him. They had fixed everything…hadn't they?

Harry mentally snorted, of course fate liked to play with him. Once again he was happy, so fate had to step in to make him unhappy again. He should have known; this morning he had woken up feeling guilt free for the first time when he touched Edward, and have him touch him. He should have known this wouldn't last forever. Nothing happy in his life ever did.

What was he going to do without him? He knew the bond would most likely demand his life with time, despite not being complete. He didn't know how long he had until he would die but he was going to make sure that the last thing he did was take revenge on those who took what he loved most away from him…


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