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Love Knows I Love You by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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About four months after Dumbledore’s death, Harrison “Harry” Diggory and Edward Mason Cullen are trying to figure out where they stand with each other when fate steps in again. Can they survive whatever fate pushes at them or is fate cruel enough to tear them apart?

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter, Fanfictions Twilight

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry

Genre : Slash, Drama, Romance

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 15

Completed : Yes

Word count : 58.665

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Published: November 1, 2009

Updated: May 11, 2010

Love Knows I Love You Chapter 07

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Edward was in agony. He was laying down on the bed, with Harry in his arms asleep – the smell of arousal, and not just his own, heavy in the air. Not moving a muscle, he lay very still, not even daring to breath. He didn't dare to move, afraid he would wake the wizard up.

Holding Harry as he slept has always been bliss for him and he couldn't get enough of it. Most of the time Edward would hold him peacefully as he kept watch over him and C.J., from time to time he'd chase the nightmares away and sometimes his body would react to the wizard's closeness. Those times were often unbearable, for there was nothing he could do to make the ache in his loins go away without waking Harry and/or leaving him.

Today was one of those times his body started reacting. Harry was having a sexual dream (about him). The heavy smell of arousal was making Edward's body react. Frozen to the spot, there was nothing he could do but wait for his mate to wake up.

One of his hands, that was laying flat against the wizard's cloth covered stomach was covered with Harry's own. Softly, ever so softly, it was pushed down. Edward sucked in his breath as he tried to catch his mate's eye; needing to know the wizard was awake and knew what he was doing, wanting to make sure this was what Harry wanted and not what he needed.

The heavy lidded green orbs were filled with pleasure but they were most surely awake. Please, the wizard sent the thought to him and moaned when Edward's hand, which was still covered with his own, cupped his shorts covered erection.

Edward was still frozen, not comprehending what to do. It wasn't until the wizard turned his head and licked his neck and bucked up against his hand that he was shocked out of his daze. A groan escaped him before he bent down to claim those traitorous lips. His hand started to move on its own accord, making Harry moan into the kiss.

"Oh, God, please," Harry moaned against his lips before licking them and initiating another breath taking kiss.

The vampire's hand moved up, before moving down beneath the shorts and for the first time touched his mate's most private part. The flesh twitched in his hand, almost begging to be touched, and Edward couldn't deny it. He moved his hand up and down in a slow but steady pace, all the while keeping his mate's lips locked with his own.

Harry couldn't stop the pleasure noises coming from him. God, this felt so good. The last time he had felt anything remotely like this had been his first time with Cedric. "Oh, god, Edward," Harry moaned as the vampire flicked the tip of the head. Feeling his mate's hand on his hot throbbing flesh felt amazing, but it wasn't enough. He wanted more. He wanted, he needed to feel his mate naked against him.

Apparently, Edward was listening to his thoughts as he released him and turned so Edward was on top of him, being careful not to put any weight on the wizard. He moaned at the loss of the hand on his sensitive skin. His mate leaned down to kiss him gently on the lips but did not initiate any other contact. Harry opened his eyes to see what was wrong.

What he saw made his breath stop short in his throat. His mate was leaning over him, carefully studying him: his eyes were black and clouded over with arousal, his pupils were dilated. His usually emotionless face was covered with a slight flush; want clearly showing but he kept it all at bay, not wanting to hurt his mate.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked when their eyes locked.

Harry nodded as he ran his hands up and down the vampire's back before pulling him down to capture his lips again.

Edward couldn't take it anymore and growled. He tore his own shirt off of him but was more careful with Harry's. Taking his time to uncover the flat stomach but quickly threw it aside once he had pulled it over Harry's shoulders. Keeping close observation to his mate's thoughts, he made certain he wasn't doing anything his mate didn't want.

Sitting back on his knees, he slowly lowered his mate's pyjama bottoms and shorts before tossing them aside and standing up to remove his own pants and shorts. Not taking the time to admire his prize, he had plenty of time for that later; he lay back down on top of his mate. Both of them moaned out loud when their members met for the first time. Edward was still amazed how his body seemed to heat up whenever he was touching Harry.

Lying completely still, he waited for Harry to open his eyes. Wanting to make sure this was what Harry wanted. When he felt a hand on his hip urging him on and saw the genuine smile on his mate's lips, he started to move a slow but steady rhythm.

They shared a small kiss which quickly became more heated. Harry opened his legs and Edward slid between them, creating more friction for both of them.

The room was filled with groans and moans of pleasure. Not being able to hold off the impending inevitable, Harry climaxed hard and long, spilling his seed between their bodies. It took Edward another few thrusts to join his mate in his high.

Harry had torn his mouth away from Edward's when he climaxed and was trying to catch his breath. One of his hands was tangled in his lover's hair and he gently caressed the top of Edward's head, silently thankful that – if he'd pulled it – it hadn't hurt his mate. "I love you," he breathed into the ear before licking the shell.

Edward shivered in pleasure before he turned his head. "I love you too," he replied and placed a gentle kiss on the now swollen lips. Edward moved away as he searched for his shirt to clean them up but stopped when he felt a slight gush of wind against his body. He looked down at their now sticky free bodies. "Neat trick," he replied before settling back down beside his mate.

"Mmm…" Harry answered sleepily before he shot up. "C.J?" He asked as he glanced over at the crib.

Edward smiled, amused that for once C.J. hadn't been the first thought in the wizard's mind. "Alice and Rosalie picked him up earlier this morning; I believe they went shopping again." The vampire smirked at the wizard's blush. "You're quite endearing when you blush."

The comment made Harry's blush spread and he looked away. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He should have made sure C.J. wasn't in the room before he indulged in these kinds of…activities.

"If he had been here I would have said something," Edward told him as he sat up, placing two fingers underneath Harry's chin, making the wizard meet his gaze. "I would have asked you to remove your wards and called for one of my sisters and only after they'd left, and you'd put the wards back up, would I have my way with you."

Harry chuckled, slightly reassured before turning white as another thought struck him. "Do you think Alice…knew?" The thought was slightly disturbing. He didn't like it when people knew things about his sex life.

"It is possible, but she once said that her gift doesn't work on you," Edward replied, not wanting to lie to his mate but also wanting to reassure him. "You shouldn't worry though, they won't say anything."

Harry only nodded, not feeling reassured in the slightest. "I can't believe I forgot C.J," he said in disbelieve. His son was his entire world, how then did he forget him…even if it had been only for a moment.

"You shouldn't blame yourself," the vampire said. "I think this means you're moving forward." At Harry's raised eyebrow he continued. "I believe you realise now that, at least from time to time, there are those who want to help you and its okay to accept that help."

"That's one way to look at it," Harry mused as he smiled at his mate who pulled him into his arms to kiss him. "Can we stay like this forever?" the wizard breathed into the kiss, not wanting to leave ever.

"Always," Edward replied as he gently pushed his mate down, so he lay back on the bed while still kissing him. He left a trail of kisses as he moved his mouth to kiss the sensitive spot where neck met shoulder making his mate shiver in pleasure. His nose was pressed against his neck and he breathed in the intoxicating smell.

"I'm guessing I smell kinda bad," Harry chuckled when he heard the vampire inhale his scent.

"You smell divine," Edward replied and repeated the gesture. "I can't get enough of it. It's very overwhelming for me, in fact."

"You're okay, though?" Harry asked, a little uncertain.

Edward gave a slight nod of his head before replying. "Yes."

"No uncontrollable urges?"

"Oh, no, there are many uncontrollable urges, I'm just not acting on them," the vampire smiled at the wizard when he noticed the slightly shocked look.

"Really?" Harry asked, the slight cheeky look in the wizard's eyes unnerved him.

Kissing, nibbling and licking that sweet spot again, he fought back a growl. He thoroughly enjoyed his mate's playful side. If only it would come out more often. Edward made a silent promise to try and make that happen.

Harry hands ran over the vampire's naked back. One of them tangled in his hair and directed his mouth to his own; kissing him with desperation. Before the kiss got too heated he broke it, softly panting. "I forget, sometimes, that I need to breath."

"As do I," Edward replied; not having to breathe made it easy for him to forget that humans need to. He rolled off Harry, pulling the wizard into his arms, as the wizard laid his head on his chest, sighing contently.

They stayed like this for a while, just enjoying each other's company, before Harry stated that he needed a shower. Slowly he got up, reluctant to leave the vampire, but knowing they had to start the day at one time or another. He slowly walked to the door when an image invaded his mind; Edward naked with water running down his chest. Licking his lips he turned around and held out his hand for his mate to take it. "Want to join me?"

Edward cocked his head, before nodding. He got up and took his mate's hand in his own. Before they left the room they made sure to grab some clean clothes and then walked into the bathroom. While Harry started the shower, Edward watched him; not knowing what to do.

When the water reached the desired temperature, Harry stepped inside before turning around and smiling at the vampire. Once again, he held out his hand for him and when Edward took it, pulled him inside.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed in relief when the warm water hit his skin. When he opened his eyes, he noticed his mate's stoic stance; he wasn't moving a muscle. The wizard raised an eyebrow in question. "Surely you've taken a shower before," he asked in confusion. Although he had never seen the vampire going to take a shower he was certain he took one once in a while.

"Yes, of course," the vampire replied. It was true that as a vampire he didn't sweat and therefore didn't need to take one, but there were times he felt he needed to clean up; like after he's been wrestling with Emmett or spilled blood when feeding. "I've just never shared one before."

"Neither have I," Harry answered; even when he was rooming with four other boys at Hogwarts, they'd each had their own stalls. "I did share a bath a few times…" he mused but quickly shook himself out of it. This really was no place for his deceased husband. "It's something we can both enjoy for the first time."

"Are you certain you'll enjoy it?" The raised eyebrow indicated that the vampire was joking.

Harry laughed out loud. "What's not to enjoy?" He reached up and linked his arms behind the vampire's neck. "I've got you all naked and wet…" to demonstrate his point he licked his lips, making sure the vampire saw it before grinning wickedly and turned away. "You know what to do with this?" He asked as he held out a sponge after turning back to face the vampire.

Edward raised an eyebrow before taking the sponge from his mate and the wizard turned around baring his back to him. Shaking his head he began washing his mate's back thoroughly before he trailed his hand to his stomach. Letting the sponge fall to the floor, he stepped closer as his hands travelled up and down the flat stomach and the hard chest.

Harry moaned when his mate pinched his nipple and hung his head back, silently asking for a kiss. The vampire didn't disappoint and lowered his head to claim the still swollen lips with his own. Licking his lips as he asked for entrance, once he received an invitation, he moaned out loud when a tongue wrestled with his own. His hand trailed up to tangle in the bronze hair, pressing harder. His knees buckled when his tongue was sucked on; if Edward hadn't held him up, he surely would have fallen to the ground.

Edward broke the kiss, knowing the wizard needed to breathe again, and started kissing his neck instead. His hand travelled lower until he held Harry's hardening shaft, coaxing it to full hardness. The vampire moaned when the wizard started to move his hips in time with his strokes, causing his bum to rub against him; bringing him to full hardness as well.

"Harry, I need…I need…" He breathed between licks and gently sucked on the delicious flesh. He wasn't certain what he was asking for but he knew only Harry could give him what he wanted.

"What? What do you need?" Harry asked breathlessly and directed the mouth back to his.

"I need…" he breathed into the mouth before tearing himself away. "I need to mark you," only when he said it out loud did he realise it was the truth.

The wizard stilled. "How?" He asked in a small voice.

Edward stilled at the question. How did he need to mark his mate? Knowing Harry wasn't ready yet to claim him, he suggested another method. "A small scrape, filled with a little venom." If he did that the venom would enter his bloodstream, marking him as his. Every vampire would know the human was his, for he'd smell like him, and they wouldn't touch him.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment, deciding it couldn't hurt, he bared his neck; silently giving Edward his permission to do as he needed.

Edward growled, his gaze glazed over as he claimed the lips in a bruising kiss. When his hand started to move again, he had Harry whimpering in need. His lips travelled down to where neck met shoulder and licked, sucked and nibbled the flesh. Carefully he scrapped the skin with his teeth and licked the blood away; he had to close his eyes as he took in his mate's divine taste. Then he let the venom pool in his mouth and carefully licked the wound, making sure the venom entered the bloodstream. When he was certain there was just enough venom in the bloodstream to stake his claim he pulled back and groaned out loud as his mate's smell, now mixed with his own, overwhelmed him.

Harry opened his eyes, which had previously been closed in pleasure, and locked with Edward's. "Please," he breathed. He was close, so close.

"Sshh…I'm gonna get you there," Edward whispered, kissing him again.

Pleasure was spreading through his entire being. Edward's lips against his own, his hand stroking him in a delicious rhythm. Bringing him closer and closer to the edge was too much for him and he erupted all over his mate's hand and his own stomach.

He abruptly turned around, crashing their lips together in a bruising kiss before his hand sneaked around to take his mate's burning want in his hand. Settling on a steady but quick pace he brought his mate to his climax.

Edward let out a throaty moan when he reached his climax. His arms, which were already around the wizard, pulled him closer into a tight embrace. "I love you," he whispered as he nuzzled the wizard's hair.

Harry smiled but wasn't able to answer, still trying to catch his breath. Knowing Edward knew how he felt.

"I think it's time we got out of here," Edward said after he noticed Harry's heartbeat slowing down; indicating he was calming down.

Harry nodded in agreement. "Yes, but let me wash my hair first," he said before reaching for the shampoo. Edward took it from him and helped him wash his hair. With a lingering kiss they stepped out of the shower.

Edward reached for the towels and gave one to Harry but not before admiring the view. Although both he and Harry had been naked for a while, he hadn't taken the time to admire his mate. Now that they were standing in front of each other, a few feet apart he could and saw that his mate was doing the same.

The cheeks of his mate filled with a slight flush when their eyes met as if he was doing something wrong. Edward gave him a smile that said that it was all right and handed him a towel. They dried themselves in silence and dressed. Which took them a while since they kept stopping to kiss each other.

"Shall we go?" Edward asked, as he broke their lingering kiss and held out his hand, which Harry took. Together they walked downstairs. "Rosalie and Alice are arriving back with C.J," Edward said once they descended the stairs. "I believe the entire family had gone out."

Smirking at each other in embarrassment they shared one thought: Do they know what we've been up to? But for some reason it didn't matter.

"Shall we go to them? I believe they want to show us something," Edward explained as he read his sister's thoughts.

"Sure," the wizard replied. "But let my grab something to eat first," the mention of food had his stomach grumbling making the vampire chuckle.

"I'll see you in a moment then," the vampire answered and waited for the wizard to nod. Once Harry nodded he leaned in and kissed him again before walking away.

Harry couldn't stop the smile from spreading. For the first time in a long time he actually felt content. The last time he felt anything remotely like this was when Cedric had still been alive and they spent the night together in each other's arms for the first time.

This morning he had initiated intimacy with Edward, which was a first for him. Of course, there were times where he'd initiate a kiss but never more than that. He was glad he had done so. For the past few days he'd wanting to get closer to Edward. His dreams were erotic and he longed to feel his mate's naked skin against his own.

When he had woken up with this pressing ache in his loins and felt his mate close to him, he felt this desperate need to have his mate touch him. He'd felt his mate's hand on his stomach and had pushed it down. The first touch had almost been enough to make him come, it had felt so good.

This morning had been the happiest he'd been for a while and nothing was going to take this away from him.

He grabbed one of the sandwiches that Esme had made for him and put out on a plate before he walked outside. The first thing he noticed was that the entire family was standing in defensive positions. Esme was last, with C.J. protectively in her arms. Rosalie and Alice stood on either side of her protecting her and the bundle in her arms. Edward in front of her, crouching down with Jasper and Emmett beside him. Carlisle was standing a little away from them, his stance the same.

Immediately alert, Harry took out his wand – which he always carried with him – and walked over to the front line. It took him no more than two seconds to recognised the black robed clothed figures in front of him; Death Eaters. How did they find me? The only people who knew about his location were Professor McGonagall, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood and they wouldn't have given that information to anyone…right?

"Ah, there you are, Harry." The voice was familiar but it wasn't until Harry saw the face of the speaker that he realised who it was.

"Percy?" He asked in shock. What was Percy Weasley doing with the Death Eaters?

"Hello Harry, good to see you again," was the cheery reply, which reminded Harry too much of his old and deceased headmaster. "I see you are doing well for yourself."

"What do you want?"

"Why, I thought that was obvious," Percy answered in exaggerating cheeriness. When Harry merrily looked at him without saying anything, he continued. "I want your fortune; Dumbledore promised it to me and I need it."

"You want my money?" Harry asked in obvious shock.

"Of course," Percy replied with a smirk. "It's owed to me, after all."

"Why? Because our dear old headmaster told you so?" Harry taunted, trying to think up a plan to get out of this mess without actually having to battle them. He knew he wasn't able to fight off all the Death Eaters alone and was grateful his family was with him, but he didn't want C.J. in the middle of this. Knowing the vampires could stand their ground, he was mostly worried about his son; was there a way to let Esme know when to run?

"Don't taunt me, Potter," Percy spat, his eyes narrowing in anger. "Dumbledore was a great man, a great wizard. I owed him a lot."

"Really? I just thought he was a mad old coot…" Harry replied as he rolled his eyes.

"Do NOT speak of him that way!" Percy bellowed and took a step closer to Harry, trying to intimidate him. Unfortunately for him, Harry wasn't fazed. This wasn't as scary as when he'd faced down Voldemort.

"Sounds like you've got a crush mate." The words hadn't even left his mouth before Percy fired of a hex. Harry was able to jump out of the way and quickly shot back a counter curse.

Everything happened quickly after that. While Harry was duelling Percy, the vampires, excluding Esme who had run into the house when the first hex was fired (by Edward's orders after he had let her know it was Harry's wish), quickly got into action and took care of the other death eaters.

All were careful not to kill them but bones were broken. Six vampires against thirty wizards and witches shouldn't be too difficult for the vampires, except for the immobilising charms the wizards kept using on them. A normal immobilising spell wouldn't do much to a vampire but these were specially designed to target vampires. They wouldn't last but it would slow the vampire down long enough for the wizard or witch to fire off a more complex hex that could hurt or even kill a vampire.

So far it seemed like the wizards and witches hadn't heard of the killing curse for vampires, which Harry was thankful for. They were, however, throwing hexes that left wounds on their normally smooth skin. Harry saw one of the Death Eaters throw a hex at Jasper and a huge gush appeared on his stomach; with fury in his eyes he threw himself at the wizard – breaking his neck.

Harry couldn't watch the vampires long for Percy kept throwing hexes at him. He had been able to block or dodge most of them; one stinging spell had hit him in his arm but he wasn't paying attention to it. There was only one thing on his mind; protect his family at all costs! Even if that meant losing his own life.

He dodged another hex and fired off one of his own, which hit Percy in the arm. A murderous look fell over Percy's face as he fired of his next hex. Harry wouldn't have been able to dodge it if Edward hadn't pushed him out of the way; the hex hit the vampire but did nothing to him.

"Aw, look at that – need your vampire boyfriend to protect you," Percy taunted before hitting Edward with one of the cutting hexes for vampires.

Edward growled when he was hit with the hex before he threw himself at the wizard. But Percy was ready and threw an immobilising spell at Edward who stilled. Seeing on opening Percy fired of another hex which was blocked by Harry before he fired of a counter hex.

On and on it went. The Death Eaters started to retreat; they were no match for the fierce vampires. Edward was able to throw off the immobilising spell and rushed after his mate who was now being attacked by more fleeing death eaters.

Edward grabbed the nearest wizard, broke his arm and threw him against a tree rendering him unconscious. The remaining Death Eaters, except for Percy, who was attacking the pair, fled without looking back.

Percy was getting more aggravated. "You killed my mentor, Potter. I'll get you for that and I'll get your money!"

Harry watched in slow motion as Percy spoke the words for the killing curse for vampires. Percy's wand was aimed at Harry as he said them, knowing that Edward would protect him.

Edward reacted on instinct, shoving Harry out of the way and was hit by the most excruciating pain he'd ever experienced. His eyes locked with Harry's before he felt his body exploding and that was the last thing he saw.

Harry landed on the floor but quickly turning to see Edward. There was nothing he could do. "Edward!" He screamed. Already he could see the spell working; the pain in the vampire's eyes told him everything. But there was also relief, knowing his mate was all right. It all disappeared when the spell started to work; tearing the vampire's body apart, sending blood and limbs flying.

An agonised sob left Harry's lips as he watched his mate explode. He couldn't believe it! His mate was dead. He looked up just in time to see Percy smirk before he ran off. Harry felt his magic rise within him, pushing out of his skin and surrounding him like a shield. It exploded away from him; surrounding the battle field.

"Edward," Harry sobbed and fell to the floor, tiredly. Tears were starting to flow down his cheeks as his heart broke. He didn't even notice himself being picked up and rushed away from the scene.

His mate was gone! His body scattered around the forest and soon the pieces would dissipate; that was how the spell worked. It was the only way to kill vampires; rip the vampire to shreds and burn the pieces.

Never would he feel his mate's arms around him again. Never would he feel his kiss or taste his lips. Never would he feel safe again. Never would he feel love again. It didn't matter for the bond would most likely make sure he died soon, to be with his mate. Maybe not yet, for they hadn't completed the bond, but it would with time. But first he wanted revenge. Revenge on those who dared take his love away! They will pay! They will pay with their lives! He would make sure of it!


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