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Love Knows I Love You by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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About four months after Dumbledore’s death, Harrison “Harry” Diggory and Edward Mason Cullen are trying to figure out where they stand with each other when fate steps in again. Can they survive whatever fate pushes at them or is fate cruel enough to tear them apart?

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter, Fanfictions Twilight

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry

Genre : Slash, Drama, Romance

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 15

Completed : Yes

Word count : 58.665

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Published: November 1, 2009

Updated: May 11, 2010

Love Knows I Love You Chapter 02

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For these past few months, Edward felt like he was in heaven. After many years of waiting, he had finally found his mate, the one person that he could love forever. Harrison was the only person that would love him for who and what he was. Harrison, or Harry as everyone seemed to like to call him, was everything he could have wished for in a mate. He was kind, gentle, gorgeous, and maybe a little naive but perfect in every way.

There was nothing Harrison could to make him angry. Edward loved him with his whole heart and nobody was going to take him away from him. Not again!

Never before had he felt anything like this before. Even when he thought Bella had been his mate, he hadn't felt like this. Sure enough her blood, her sweetly succulent blood, which had called, no, it sang to him. It had been the sweetest blood he had ever tasted, which he had tasted when he sucked James' venom out of her system. Nothing could compare to her taste or her smell…except for Harrison that is. His smell wasn't just divine but the most exquisite smell he'd ever known. Yet, it didn't place him in some kind of frenzy where he no longer knew himself.

He would never get enough of his mate and he always wanted to be close to him. Whenever they were together, Edward had to touch him just to assure himself that he was still there. Just a brush of arms would be enough to settle him down. Whenever his eyes fell on the wizard, his body seemed to sigh in relief knowing his mate was with him. But lately he was experiencing some changes. His body was responding to the wizard. It was a new experience and he felt a little nervous about it.

Even though he was technically over ninety years old, he never before had this kind of reaction. Whenever he'd smell that earthly scent, his remaining blood seemed to travel down south and his body would react. While he had met attractive people throughout his life, he had never had this kind of a response before, not even with Bella. With her it was a constant struggle not to kill her. Harrison on the other hand was like a tidal wave of endorphins being released all at once, bringing the vampire to an unmatched state of elation. A high from which he never wanted to come down.

It was a new experience for him and it was something he needed to deal with himself. He wasn't going to force his human activities on the wizard when the wizard was dealing with his own problems. Neither was he going to Emmett, for he knew the younger vampire would tease him uncontrollably and that was something he didn't want to deal with. He wasn't that close to Jasper, so he was out of the question as well. Maybe, he could talk to Carlisle but found the issue too personal to talk to his surrogate father about.

Maybe Harrison would be the best option to talk to but, as mentioned before; he didn't want to trouble the young wizard with his adult problems. The wizard had enough troubles of his own. Edward had noticed his struggles with his homework and figured pride kept him from asking for help but he also knew that Harrison would ask for help if he really needed it.

His mind was brought back to a few months ago when Harrison, C.J., and himself had been out by a small lake in the middle of the forest that bordered their back yard. Harrison had taken young C.J. with him into the lake after he found out it was shallow enough and tried to teach him to swim. Which failed of course since C.J. was barely two. But the small child had enjoyed it immensely and shrieked the whole time he was in the water, splashing excitedly.

After an hour or so Harrison had handed his son over to the vampire. Edward had dried the boy while Harrison swam around some more, enjoying the water. Edward was just pulling a shirt over C.J.'s small shoulders when he heard a cry for help, shouted from far behind him. He made sure C.J. was safely placed on the blanket and rushed back to the shoreline, just in time to see Harrison go under. Forgetting everything else, he dived in and swam over to the wizard bringing him safely back to shore. Clutching each other as Harrison tried to catch his breath, he remembered how scared he had been when he saw Harrison go under; his heart, which no longer beat, jumped and sank. Dread had taken hold of him and didn't leave him until both of them were safely back in their bed. The thought I could have lost him, played over and over in his mind as he pulled the wizard closer to him, making sure he was still alive and breathing. No longer relying on his heightened senses but needing to touch his mate to feel that Harrison was okay.

The image of that lithe, though too thin, body against his own made certain body parts stir. He pressed the accelerator, trying to rearrange his body language so his mate wouldn't see. Luckily, Harrison didn't seem to notice they were driving way past the speed limit, even more so than normal as Harrison was lost in his thoughts.

Harrison had been lost within his own mind a lot lately. It seemed like he doubted everything that was happening to him. Maybe it was a reaction to Edward pulling away from him; yes he had noticed he was neglecting his mate a little…or a lot but he wasn't going to force his needs upon the human when he was clearly still dealing with his own problems.

Edward knew Harrison had only been sexually active with his late husband. Yet, that was one more time than he. He had never had sexual intercourse with anyone, not in his human life and not in his vampire life. Hell! He hadn't even touched himself before he met Harrison. That had all changed when his feelings for the wizard started to develop into something more.

He loved Harrison, of that he was certain. Everything about the wizard made it easy for him to fall in love. His feelings hadn't changed for the worse, in fact, they had multiplied. Although he was happily content with just holding the young wizard close, he also wanted (and sometimes even needed) more. There were times when the overwhelming need to claim him took hold of the vampire but he struggled against his nature not wanting to drive his mate away.

The predator in him wanted to throw the wizard down and finally claim him as his own but the man inside him knew to take it slow. He wanted to make sure that he knew all that he possibly could before taking the next step and to make sure that Harrison wanted the same. He knew the wizard wasn't ready to complete the bond; something was holding him back, the vampire just didn't know what… He was certain it wasn't entirely his own feelings that made him feel like this and thought it may be the bond.

Even though he wasn't experienced in the art of love making, he wasn't naive. He knew how two males made love and that the first time would hurt if they didn't prepare the other enough. He didn't want to hurt his love and had spent a lot of time on the internet researching in the hopes that when it came down to it he would know what to do. And, in doing so, make the experience pleasant for the both of them. Edward had made sure he did all his research when Harrison was sleeping, and when the other vampires were out of the house, so they wouldn't find out what he was doing; not interested in the teasing that would most certainly come from Emmett, the knowing looks from Jasper and ‘the talk' from Carlisle.

He also knew that their relationship didn't revolve around intercourse and he would never force his mate. That was the reason Edward was pulling away. He wouldn't pressure him into doing something he didn't want to do. But he still couldn't control his body's reaction to his mate. He decided it best to take care of his needs himself and let Harrison set the pace, though the animal inside him growled at him for making it wait. He was the predator, the one in control. Giving control to someone else was rather hard for him to do but he gave it gladly to his mate, knowing it was what his mate needed and his mate's needs came before his own.

Edward had to smile; he would gladly give anything to his mate. Glancing over at the wizard he noticed a lone tear falling from his eye. How he wanted to kiss the tear away and lick the trail it had left…he shook himself from his musings and gave the wizard a concerned look which was returned with a sad smile to reassure the vampire but accomplished the complete opposite. Something was definitely bothering his mate, but what? The vampire decided to let it slide, hoping his mate would talk to him about it when he was ready.

If only Harrison would talk to me… He thought with a little bitterness but also knew that it was difficult for his mate to open up to people. Never in his entire life did Harrison have any reason to trust anyone, other than Cedric, Poppy, and Severus. When he finally gave someone a portion of his trust they either betrayed or hurt him; whether it was emotionally or physically they had always ended up betraying him. No, trusting did not come easily to the wizard and the vampire was afraid he would lose him if he didn't open. Still, he didn't want to intrude and prompting the wizard to talk would only shut him up more. Edward knew he was given more trust than his family but Harrison still didn't trust him completely. If he did, wouldn't he tell me what was bothering him?

Works two ways, Edward, a small voice said at the back of his mind. True, he wasn't completely honest with the wizard either but he was doing this to protect him, to not force any unwanted affections on him. While Harrison was just doing this to…to what?

The vampire was certain that Harrison wasn't doing it to hurt him. He just had trouble trusting people and found it difficult to open up to anyone. Though, he never seemed to have any trouble opening up to his late husband. A not so unfamiliar pang of jealousy closed around Edward's heart; making his heart contract in pain. It wasn't the first time he felt jealous of Cedric even though he knew there was nothing he should be jealous of.

He knew that Harrison would always love his deceased husband and he really didn't mind. It was just the little things that hurt him. Harrison had confided in his husband, Harrison had initiated intimacy with his husband, and Harrison had felt safe with his husband. Those were all things he didn't have. At least, not yet, but oh how he wanted it!

To be fair, he couldn't blame Cedric, or Harrison for that matter. The wizard had gone through a lot in his young life, from abuse at a very young age by his relatives to his friends turning from him. He had his reasons not to trust anyone; especially since he'd been betrayed by those closest to him…didn't make it hurt Edward any less though. He just hoped that Harry would open up to him when he was ready.

Edward shook himself out of his musings when he noticed they had arrived at the school. He parked the car, before taking a deep unneeded breath. Quickly, he got out and rushed over to Harrison's door, knowing the wizard was still in deep thought made him smile; Harrison hadn't even noticed the car had stopped. Edward helped the wizard out of the car and stiffened as he noticed the whispers around him. He kept himself from growling aloud when he heard some of the thoughts and hoped Harrison wouldn't notice. He didn't want to explain what made him growl.

Since they'd been back at school, they had been the focus of the gossip. Though that was nothing new, for his family and himself had always been the high light of Forks' High School gossip, but he didn't like the way they spoke about his mate. There was a lot of talk about how Harrison should be shot for turning the gorgeous Edward Cullen gay. After all, everyone knew how much he had been in love with the Chief's daughter; Bella.

Now all they could think about was that somehow Harrison had either seduced or blackmailed Edward. If only they knew how much I was seduced by him, he thought and felt his lips curl. How he loved Harrison's laugh, how brightly his eyes shown whenever their eyes met, or even his nervous habit of brushing his hair behind his ears. Edward was seduced by it all; everything about the wizard drew him in. There was nothing he didn't like about Harrison.

Then there were those that thought Harrison was using Edward, those who were jealous of Harrison, and those who wanted to either hurt him or kill him so they could have a chance. How he wanted to tear off the heads of those who thought ill of his mate. No one was going to hurt his mate ever again! Not if he could help it! There was no way he was going to allow that to ever happen, he would do anything in his power to prevent his mate from being harmed. Even if it was the last thing he would ever do, he would protect Harrison. He would protect his mate and he would protect their son for he had made a promise; and he always, always, kept his promises.

Feeling something crackle in the air, he turned his attention back to his mate and noticed Harrison's magical control wavering. Quickly he took hold of a sweaty hand and entwined their fingers. He felt the magic flow into him, warming his entire body before settling down and dissolving. His mate gave him a grateful smile before they walked off towards the school building, hand in hand; leaving the gossip queens staring at their joined hands in jealousy.

They had math first period. Edward was glad he'd decided to take most of his classes with his mate, for now he got to spend even more time with him. Not to mention he could keep an eye out; knowing how much trouble he's had with his magic lately. He would only need to touch his mate in order to calm him down.

Feeling the magic flowing through his veins was a totally new experience. Often he would think that his own ability was strengthening, making him hear every thought in the entire building but the magic soon left him making him think he had imagined it. When this happened it was hard to concentrate on the voices in his head, so he was never sure.

The entire magic thing was new to him. He had never even heard of wizards before he met Harrison and now he was experiencing all kinds of new things. Harrison had shown them all some magic tricks and he, like the rest of his family, was intrigued by what the wizard showed them.

Making their way through the crowd, they arrived at their lockers and placed their stuff inside before making their way to their first class. Edward and Harrison always sat in the middle, since Harrison had problems seeing from the back of the room and they didn't want to sit in the front.

Edward remembered the first time he had laid eyes on the big round glasses Harrison had worn. They were too big for his face. A smile played on his lips as he remembered Alice taking them shopping for a new pair about a month ago.

They found out that Harrison had only been given one eye exam in his entire life and had been using his uncle's old spectacles. Edward still wondered how Harrison had been able to see anything through glasses that weren't even in his prescription. His mate had explained that one of his friends, Hermione, had once performed a repairing spell on them that adjusted the glass to his own prescription. Of course that had been years ago so now it didn't fit anymore.

Alice picked out glasses that fit Harrison's face. They even made his bright green eyes stand out more. Or so Alice had said and Edward had to agree.

Edward remembered Harrison's reaction when he had first looked through the new glasses, ones that now fit his eyes' needs. The huge eyes had widened as they took in everything with a clearer view. Looking around as if he was seeing things for the first time, technically he was.

"If you couldn't see properly, how were you able to find that tiny ball you chase in that flying game?" Edward had asked.

"I never really knew what the snitch looked like, it was just a golden blob I followed," had been the reply.

The vampire couldn't imagine living his life like that; never a clear view on anything. Yet, his mate had done so with a smile. It made Edward love him more; his mate never took anything for granted and everything that was given to him was a wonderful gift. He thanked Alice multiple times for the glasses and was completely happy with the new pair.

With the glasses came another change; Harrison let his hair grow longer and had changed his clothes. Harrison had told him how, with the exception of his wizarding robes, he had only owned his cousin's clothes which were too big for him. With the help of Alice and Rosalie, his mate had found his own style of clothes and Edward had to admit that he looked good. Though his attire was simple; T-shirts and jeans, he looked absolutely ravishing.

And his hair…Edward loved his hair. It was almost long enough to tie up and would often hide his mate's face from view but how he loved running his fingers through the long dark locks. For some reason though, Harrison kept hiding the lightning bolt scar on his forehead, as if he was ashamed of it. Maybe he was, for it had brought nothing but trouble to his door.

But it didn't matter to Edward whether his mate's hair was long or short or whether he wore used clothing or not. He loved Harrison for who he was and not how he looked. Edward only wondered whether Harrison was making these changes for himself or for him. He hoped it was for himself, that he was trying to figure out who he was. Either way, Edward wasn't complaining as long as his mate was happy.

However, this apparently wasn't the case these last few days… What was wrong with his mate? Should he talk to him about it or wait for his mate to come to him? He didn't want to pressure his mate into doing something he didn't want to but what if his mate needed a little push in the right direction, one that let him know that he could trust Edward?

Not knowing what he should do and figuring he wouldn't get any answers on this topic in his math class he decided to wait. Maybe he should talk to one of his brothers when he got home. For now he was going to pretend he was listening closely to the teacher nag about their math homework, and not watching his mate. For what else was he supposed to do?


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