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Love Knows I Love You by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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About four months after Dumbledore’s death, Harrison “Harry” Diggory and Edward Mason Cullen are trying to figure out where they stand with each other when fate steps in again. Can they survive whatever fate pushes at them or is fate cruel enough to tear them apart?

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter, Fanfictions Twilight

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry

Genre : Slash, Drama, Romance

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 15

Completed : Yes

Word count : 58.665

Read count: 85

Published: November 1, 2009

Updated: May 11, 2010

Love Knows I Love You Chapter 15

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Harry and Edward were staying in a hotel while they were in England for they didn't want to trouble the Diggorys nor did Harry think Edward would enjoy spending time in Cedric's old bedroom.

Harry and Edward had told Mrs. Diggory about how Edward was related to her. At first she had been shocked but confessed that it made sense and secretly she was grateful Harry hadn't lied about his relationship with Cedric. Eagerly she asked Edward all about his human life and wasn't disappointed when Edward couldn't tell her much about it.

Edward was lying down on the bed, with Harry in his arms. The day before, Mrs. Diggory had asked to spend the next day with C.J. and Harry consented. He knew how much Mrs. Diggory had missed her grandson and loved the time she spent with him.

It also gave Edward and Harry some alone time, so Harry really wasn't against it.

A smile played on his face as he felt Edward kiss his exposed neck. "What are you doing, Mr Cullen?" Harry asked in a serious tone as he moved his head to glance up at his mate.

Edward kissed the exposed neck once more before he answered. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

Harry turned to face his mate completely. "Are you trying to seduce me?" He asked, a playful smile on his lips.

Edward's lips gave a quirk. "Not trying," he replied. "I am seducing you." The last was breathed into his ear before said ear was licked.

Harry shivered in pleasure as he felt the tongue travel down and guid the earlobe into a wet hot cavern and was gently sucked on. When the earlobe was released, the mouth travelled to where neck met shoulder. The sensitive skin there was also sucked on before it was licked and gently kissed making Harry moan out loud. The playful mouth moved from his shoulder to the back of his neck towards his other side where neck met shoulder and it received the same treatment.

Harry's hand reached up and ran through the vampire's hair, making it even messier than before. Moving his head to give the vampire better access, he moaned again when one arm encircled him and pulled him closer. Turning his head as he pulled Edward towards him, he claimed that teasing mouth with his own.

"Edward," he breathed when they broke the kiss. His mate's hands travelled to the hem of his shirt and reaching up he removed the shirt and threw it across the room. Harry turned and did the same. Gently, Harry pushed the vampire down before lying on top of him and kissing him lazily.

Hands were roaming backs, sides and hair as they tried to cover as much skin as they possibly could in a short time. Their lips never once ceasing their lazy duel with each other. Harry broke the kiss as his lungs screamed for air. He trailed his tongue over the smooth skin of his mate's face all the way down to his neck where he placed gentle kisses before he bit down and sucked only to lick the slightly bruised skin.

"I thought I was the one to seduce you," Edward panted as if he needed to breath and had just run a hundred thousand miles. Vampire skin wasn't easy to break and a simple bite shouldn't have bruised him. Yet, he had felt his mate's bite and knew that if he looked into a mirror he would see it bruised and red.

"I think we seduced each other," Harry replied before tracing the newly formed bruise with his tongue. "I think I like this development," he whispered against the skin. "I think the bond is making you more human…at least in these moments."

"Or making you less human," Edward replied.

Harry raised himself so he could look Edward in the eyes. "That could also be true," he said evenly.

"I don't care, as long as you don't stop!" Edward growled and pulled his mate down, crashing their lips together in a bruising, passionate kiss. His predator was begging him to let out but he controlled it, afraid he would hurt his mate if he didn't.

"I'm not planning too," Harry replied after he broke the kiss and continued his journey mapping his mate's skin. He loved discovering which part of his mate's body would make him groan or moan, sometimes even hiss or growl. He adored every single piece of skin and wasn't afraid to show it to Edward.

But Edward had other plans and in a quick movement had turned the tables around and was now attacking his mate's lips before he moved down and started playing with the pink nubs. He swiped his tongue around one while flicking the other between his thumb and forefinger. Carefully he bit down before sucking the hard nub into his mouth. Loving the sounds his lover made, Edward repeated the gestures a few times before moving on to the other only to repeat the gestures again.

Harry grabbed his mate's shoulder when he felt the gentle teeth on his nipple and groaned out loud when it was sucked into a hot cavern. He could feel his nails digging into the skin beneath them and quickly withdrew. "Edward," he breathed but stopped when the vampire took his other nipple into his mouth. Damn, those were sensitive, he thought as a groan escaped his lips.

The hold he had on the shoulders was lost when his mate moved down. Leaving a trail of saliva as he licked his way down, he opened the buttons with his hands before removing the jeans.

Harry let out a sigh of relief when his throbbing erection was removed from its confinement only to suck in his breath at the first touch of lips against the head. He opened his eyes just in time to see his member disappear into his mate's mouth. Moaning out loud, as his mate started bobbing his head. One hand travelled down to play with his mate's hair gently encouraging him as the other reached up to flick his own nipples.

Edward breathed in the scent that was pure his Harry. The smell was intoxicating and he wanted more. He wanted to taste it. His mate's member stood at full attention and he had no problem guiding it into his mouth; tasting his mate for the very first time. Had his mouth not been full, he would have moaned out loud. Experimenting, he started bobbing his head and delighted in making his mate moan.

Looking up was the most beautiful scene Edward had ever seen. His mate's eyes were glazed over in arousal, his cheeks were graced with a flush and his lips were parted; from time to time his tongue would come out and wet them. Edward noticed that he was playing with his own nipples, which made him groan.

Harry bucked his hips at that groan; eyes shooting open and locking with Edward's. Waves of pleasure were surging through his veins, making him close his eyes again. Moaning in disagreement when the hot mouth released him, he opened his eyes. He had been so close!

"Look at me," Edward commanded before taking the weeping member into his mouth again.

Harry tried to obey the order but felt his eyes drifting; opening them again when Edward slowed down his pace. Finally, he was able to keep his eyes open and locked with his mate's. He was rewarded as Edward sped up, bringing him closer and closer to his release.

Green eyes were locked with black coloured ones. Never once, did the eyes stray. Harry felt the pleasure build and knew he couldn't take much more. Starting from his toes he felt his orgasm build up and erupt from him. Gasping out Edward's name he let his orgasm wash over him.

Edward swallowed all his mate had to offer before he let the now flaccid member slip past his lips. Climbing back on top of his mate, he waited for him to catch his breath.

"You'll be the death of me," Harry panted between breaths.

"As you'll be of me," Edward replied before kissing him again.

"I believe someone has too many clothes on," Harry said as he raised an eyebrow.

"What are you going to do about it?" Edward asked suggestively.

Giving his mate an evil grin, he whispered an incantation and before Edward knew it his pants and shorts had disappeared. "There, all better," Harry whispered as he pulled Edward closer against him.

"Now, why haven't you used that spell before?" Edward asked, jokingly.

"Because I like to see you work at it," he stuck out his tongue which was quickly being sucked on. "No fair," he sulked when he was released.

"All's fair in love and war," Edward replied and leaned down to kiss Harry again.

Harry's hands travelled down to Edward's bottom and pushed him down against him as he spread his legs and let his mate slip in between them. "Make love to me, Edward," he whispered into an ear before licking the shell.

Edward took a moment to study his mate when he saw that this was what he really wanted he nodded. An ‘Accio' from Harry had a tube of lube flying to them. The vampire picked it out of the air before he sat back on his knees. "I know the basics but you'll have to guide me," Edward said with a slight shake in his normally musical voice indicating he was nervous, afraid that he would hurt his beloved mate.

Harry nodded his head. "Just use one finger first and use a lot of lube and go slow," he told him.

Edward did as Harry instructed; he unscrewed the lid, coated his finger with more than enough lube and brought his hand down to his mate's most private place. He first smeared the puckered hole with his finger before he carefully entered the tight channel.

"Wiggle it around, try making a passage," Harry instructed as he took in deep breaths. Although his mate wasn't hurting him, the feeling was slightly unpleasant but not so much that he wanted to stop. He tried to relax his muscles to give his mate easier access.

Again, Edward followed his mate's instructions and wiggled his finger. Making a tiny passage until he was able to slide half of his finger in. He kept a close watch on his mate's face if he saw any discomfort he'd stop. He also kept a close watch on his mate's thoughts; any thoughts of pain would make him stop immediately.

"Now, use two fingers," Harry instructed when he felt the finger sliding in and out much easier than before.

Edward removed his finger and smiled when he heard the slight noise of disagreement; apparently his mate was really enjoying himself. So far all he could feel was the slight discomfort. He coated two fingers before he gentle pushed them inside and wiggled them around again as he had done before.

"Try to scissor them," Harry instructed, he could feel himself loosening up but knew he wasn't ready yet for his mate's prick. He wasn't able to relax his muscles completely for he was too nervous, with this being their first time and all; instead he started clamping down on the intruders, hoping these exercises would exhaust the muscle and give his mate more of a passage.

"Harry?" Edward asked when he felt his mate clamping down on his fingers. The vampire didn't know if he was hurting or not, his mate's thoughts were slightly blurred. Ready to pull out he stopped when his mate answered him.

"I'm trying to exhaust the muscle, just keep doing what you're doing," Harry replied with a smile. Hoping this would reassure his mate, Harry knew Edward was nervous as well and tried his hardest not to make him more so.

They eventually moved on to three fingers and then four. All the while Harry kept instructing his mate. When his mate's finger brushed his prostate a few times, he knew he was ready; he was already hard and weeping and ready again. "Now, Edward," he breathed and clamped down on the fingers again before they were removed.

Edward smiled when his mate let out a sound of disagreement but he really wanted to be inside his mate; his predator was screaming at him to take what belonged to him but still he didn't give in, afraid it would break his mate.

Had Edward needed to breathe he would have long passed out for he had stopped breathing all together as he slowly, ever so slowly, entered his mate for the very first time. His mate was tight and clamped down on him; it was in one simple word heaven. He started a slow pace and tried to find the spot that would make his mate see stars.

Harry moaned at loud when Edward found his prostrate and kept hitting it over and over again at a slow pace, slowly driving him mad. Lowering his hands from his mate's back to his hips, he urged him on to a harder pace.

At their coupling a white light started to form around them. With every thrust it became brighter and brighter. Until their orgasms hit them unexpectedly and the light exploded with them. Their eyes had been locked onto each other the entire time and both could see the white light shining in the other's eyes before it dimmed and disappeared.

Edward felt his mind reading ability strengthening. Normally he could only focus on the ones in the same room with him and hear whispers of those in other rooms but he could clearly hear everyone in the hotel…and on the street it seemed. The voices were overwhelming, people were asking for help, crying out, yelling or just plain talking and he could hear them all. All their thoughts were open to him, almost so that it would have driven him mad if he hadn't focused on the light.

That light became the centre of his focus; nothing else seemed as sweet as that light. Focussing all his senses on that light, he realised it was his mate, and he was now only able to hear his mate's thoughts. Everything else just seemed to have disappeared.

"Nothing but death can part us now," Harry said after a moment. "We are now forever bound. Heart to heart, body to body, magic to magic, soul to soul, blood to blood and mind to mind. When one of us dies the other will follow for we cannot live without the other. You are mine as I am yours. Our minds are linked and we can always hear each other's thoughts. We'll know what the other is feeling and we will always know where the other is.'

"We share my magic and your ability. Your ability in you is strengthened by my magic and you'll be able to hear more people but never forget your centre and that's me. Focussing on me will always bring you back should the voices get to be too overwhelming. I will be able to borrow your ability and read other people's mind when you are close; it's strongest when we are touching. You are able to use my magic when we are close using simple spells."

"Does this mean that once you've grown old, I'll die with you?" Edward asked, the opportunity to die with his mate wasn't lost on him for he didn't wish to live without him.

"No," Harry answered. "For I will not grow old." At Edward's confused look he explained further. "I shall remain as I am for we also share life force. I will not age, for you will not age. I shall live forever because you will."

A bright smile started to play on the vampire's lips.

"But there's something you'll need to know. As a vampire you are almost indestructible as you know but I remain human. I can still die of mortal wounds and sickness. I'll retain all my human weaknesses."

"Then we shall make sure you won't be hurt or get sick," Edward replied and moved in to kiss him. It was then that he noticed they were still joined. Carefully he slid out, making sure not to hurt his mate. Already regretting it, for nothing felt as good as being inside his mate.

"There's something else," Harry said hesitantly. "As C.J's part of my blood you'll know whether he's in trouble or not. It's the same bond I share with him and as my mate you'll be able to as well."

Edward was confused, if Harry had known that C.J. was in trouble than how come Dumbledore had been able to get so close to him?

"Yes, I fear that back then I wasn't listening to the bond. It was new and I figured it was because it was the first time I left him alone to have fun. I figured it was guilt; I found out later it was a bond I shared with him; a bond that was formed in the womb. I'll always know when he's in trouble and sometimes I even know where he is." Together they lay back down in the bed.

Edward's hand travelled down to the scar on Harry's abdomen and traced it, carefully with a loving touch. "I have to say that such a bond would make it easier to protect him," Edward said at last.

Harry gave him a gentle smile before he brushed his lips against the vampire's. "Did you know that it was his life force that kept me alive?" He asked after a moment of silence."Well, technically Cedric's life force that lives in him. If I didn't have C.J., I would have died but the small amount of Cedric's blood that flows in his veins saved me, created a bond between us which, when we met you transferred to you."

"Then I shall always be grateful to C.J. for saving your life," Edward replied. "He brought me you."

The End
11 May 2010

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