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Love Knows I Love You by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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About four months after Dumbledore’s death, Harrison “Harry” Diggory and Edward Mason Cullen are trying to figure out where they stand with each other when fate steps in again. Can they survive whatever fate pushes at them or is fate cruel enough to tear them apart?

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter, Fanfictions Twilight

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry

Genre : Slash, Drama, Romance

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 15

Completed : Yes

Word count : 58.665

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Published: November 1, 2009

Updated: May 11, 2010

Love Knows I Love You Chapter 12

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Edward left his mate in the house and went outside to find out what his family wanted. What he saw had him immediately on guard; Esme was protecting C.J. while the rest of his family was snarling at the new comers. Immediately he jumped in front of them, somehow knowing they were after Harry. His suspicious were confirmed when he saw their wooden sticks – wands as his mate his called them – in their hands and aimed at him and his family.

"What do you want?" He growled at them.

The black robed figures didn't have to answer; Harry came out and their wands immediately trained on him. Edward could hear their thoughts…none of them were in favour for Harry. They all wanted him dead. He growled at their thoughts.

He took a moment to focus on Harry's thoughts and heard his worries about his son. In a low voice, one the humans couldn't hear, he told Esme to run into the house as soon as she had an opening. Her main concern was to protect C.J.

It didn't take long for a battle to break out. Edward kept an eye on Harry, knowing his family could take on this threat. He was able to keep all the other wizards away from Harry so he could focus on the leader. When he saw the leader raise his wand and speak some latin words he didn't understand, he reacted out of instinct and jumped in front of the spell.

He realised his mistake when he felt the spell hit his body and started to burn where it had hit him. His eyes locked with his mate. I'm sorry, my love, he thought but knew his mate was too worried about him to hear him. Please forgive me; he thought again as he felt the spell work its way through his body.

The pain was unbearable and it wasn't until he saw the agonised eyes of his mate that he knew something terrible was going to happen to him. His limbs were being torn from his body and he knew that any moment now he would catch fire, Harry had once told him about it, but before that could happen he blacked out.

He woke up not knowing what had happened…woke up? The feeling was foreign to him, not having to sleep as a vampire, and it took him a moment to understand what was happening.

I shouldn't be here, should I? The last thing he remembered was the fear in the bright green eyes of his mate. Then the agonising feeling of his body being ripped apart. The spell! His body should have been on fire after his limbs were ripped from him. Obviously that hadn't happened but what had? He realised his mate's magic had protected him. If he could he would cry. His mate had protected him.

He felt his mate's presence close but knew he wasn't there with him; neither could he reach out to him. It felt as if the bond was blocked, but that didn't make sense. When one was hurt the other would be needed to heal. Maybe the bond was blocked because Harry thought Edward died?

He tried to move, wanting to find his mate but found he wasn't able to move. Not his limbs, not his mouth…he couldn't even blink. The next thing he realised was that not all his limbs were connected to his body. Just then he saw his leg move to him and reconnect itself. His body would heal him, he knew. He also knew that his ability wouldn't work while his body and mind healed itself; all his energy would be focused on healing himself.

He laid on the forest ground for quite some time as his body healed itself…not even his mate would come for him for Harry probably thought Edward was dead. All he could do now was stare at the sky above him and wait for his body to heal…

His mate's face appeared to him, had he been able he would have smiled. Oh, how he loved those bright, but often curious, green eyes. Those long black locks he had been growing these past weeks and the smile that could lighten up a room.

He remembered when he had walked in on Harry while he was in the bathroom once. His mate had been wondering if he should cut his hair or not, Edward had told him that he had liked it this long for he loved running his cold fingers through those thick warm locks. The vampire had pulled the younger boy into his arms and inhaled his scent before he placed a soft kiss on top of his head. His mate had asked him to play something for him, which he had done with a smile on his face.

Voices shook him out of his musings. "Didn't you kill him?" A voice to his right asked.

"I thought I had," he was kicked in his side. "Apparently not… We better take him with us, could come in handy as bait…"

Someone picked him up and carried him away into the forest. His senses weren't working correctly and he couldn't figure out where they were taking him. All he could do was wait and see.

Sometime later, he was placed back on the ground.

"Hmm…I wonder," was heard from his left and before he knew it the same pain as before entered his body, his limbs were torn from his body and he knew no more until he woke up; his body was repairing itself.

"Amazing," the same voice was heard.

"It's like he has some guardian angel protecting him, keeping him from dying," amazement was heard in the other's voice.

"Guardian angel? Muggle nonsense," the first voice replied. "I think its Potter protecting him. This one protected Potter…I think he's Potter's mate."

"The only one to have survived the killing curse," was heard from among the group.

Edward didn't know what they were talking about; all he could think about was the pain as his body was ripped apart again and again as the wizards took turns cursing him. On and on it went, as soon as his body was put back together, they cursed him again. Until they got tired and left him alone to heal.

Gentle hands were massaging his scalp, Harrison, was his first thought but when his eyes focused he didn't see his beloved's face but that of a woman. He recognised her but couldn't place her.

"Easy," she said when she saw his eyes focus at last. "You're healing up nicely but you won't be able to move for a while," she added the last part as an afterthought.

"My name's Hermione, we met once before," she continued. "I am…was a friend of Harry's."

Edward tried to remember her but couldn't. Everything was a blur in his mind, except for his mate. His mate was as clear as day to him. The way he laughed, the way he looked at him, the way he smelled, the way he felt. The first time they met, the first time they'd been together, the last time he saw him. Everything about Harry he could remember but the time before he had met Harry was a blank.

His mind took him to when he and Harry had been watching a film. It had been family night and he and Harry were curled up together on their bed; C.J. – my son, he remembered – was sitting in front of them watching a Disney film with joyful happiness.

The happy songs on the television made C.J. cry out loud in happiness and clap his hands together as he tried to sing along. Both, Harry and Edward smiled at the boy's delight

His mate laid his head back against his shoulder and Edward had never felt so at peace as in that moment. Edward turned to him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I'm guessing C.J. loves the movie," Edward observed as C.J. squealed in delight again.

"He most certainly does," Harry replied and tilted his head, silently asking his mate for another kiss.

Edward leaned in and gave the wizard what he was asking; licking the lips as he asked for entrance. Once received, their tongues started duelling. The kiss was broken when C.J. leaned back against his father and laughed happily.

The two lovers looked at each other before turning their attention to their son. "What are you laughing about, little man?" Harry asked before advancing on his son and tickling him.

Edward had been keeping a close eye on his son's thoughts as C.J. shrieked in delight as he tried to move away from the devilish hands. He really liked it when his daddy played with him. Especially if his papa joined in their play.

The youngling wasn't disappointed as Edward also advanced on him. Carefully tickling his sides before winking at him and advancing on Harry.

C.J. saw his chance and helped his papa tickle his daddy. Shrieking as the tables were turned on him again. In a heap of laughter they fell back on the bed, breathing loudly; except for his papa of course.

Edward smiled at his son's thoughts. He really was something. He was brought back to present time when the hand that was caressing his scalp pulled to hard; normally he wouldn't have even felt it but as his entire body was sensitive he felt every touch and most of them hurt.

His mind trailed back to his mate and son. How he enjoyed spending them with both of them. Sometimes he would even spend some times alone with his son. Another memory assaulted him when he thought of the familiar grey eyes and black dark locks on top of his tiny head.

Edward careful disentangled himself from his mate, not wanting to wake him up. Last night his mate had been tired and he wanted to let him rest for a little while longer. Quietly getting out of bed he made his way to C.J.'s crib. C.J. was starting to wake up and the vampire knew from experience that he would start screaming soon.

"Good morning, Ceej," Edward whispered as he picked the child up. "What do you want to do today?"

"Papa," C.J. said happily as he saw his father, hugging him close against his chest.

"Ah, you want to spend the day with me?" He asked when he tuned in on his son's thoughts and after reading the answer in the child's mind he smiled. "We don't want to wake your daddy though, so we have to be real quiet."

C.J. gurgled happily as he nodded his head in excitement; how he had missed spending time with his papa.

Edward had been gone for the past few days to hunt. Normally he wouldn't have taken so long but he had already skipped a hunt before and really needed some fresh blood; the blood pops Harry bought in the magical community just didn't satisfy him like fresh blood did.

Edward quickly got C.J. some new clothes and had him changed and ready in a few minutes. He made a pit stop in the kitchen where he got a bottle for C.J. before he took him outside.

He ran as fast as he could, with C.J. squealing in delight wanting to go faster and faster. Edward had made sure to pick a jacket with a warming spell on it, to make sure C.J. wouldn't be too cold.

The vampire couldn't help but smile when he heard the high-pitched squeals of delight. Making sure he had a tight grip on the child he ran even faster; everything around him became a blur but C.J. was having the time of his life, laughing and squealing loudly and that was the entire idea; making his son happy.


Once again, Edward was shocked out of his musings when another agonising pain shot through him.

"Stop it," was ordered from above him but Edward couldn't focus on who was talking. "Stop torturing him!"

It went on for days, weeks even or so Hermione told him; he really didn't have much sense of time. Whenever he thought they would give him a break to heal properly, he was hit with another torture curse. The leader also made it a game, he guessed, to touch him at inappropriate places. He could handle the curses thrown at him but the touches were slowly driving him mad! No one was allowed to touch him in that manner except his mate and the leader definitely wasn't his mate!

Strangely enough, Hermione was there for him. Taking care of him as if they were friends which earned her a round of torture as well. It pained his heart to see her go through the torture spells. Did he know her? It didn't make sense to him; then again he didn't even understand why they had taken him captive. All he knew was that he had to get back to his mate but there was no way if he couldn't move.

His mate's magic that surrounded him was the only thing that kept him from losing his mind. He found comfort in the memories of his mate.

During one bout of torture he heard something new. The leader picked him up and away from Hermione. Not knowing what was going on and not being able to do anything about it, he let himself be led away from the witch and hid away somewhere.

Noises he couldn't comprehend were heard from the place he had just been. The leader came back for him and pulled him out, moments later. For a moment everything went black. What happened? He could hear a voice, the leader's, but what was he saying? Wait, did he just say mate? With a lot of effort he was able to open his eyes, I can open my eyes, he thought triumphantly before his eyes locked with bright green ones.

Was he seeing things? No, he was really there. Mate! Harrison was there, the leader had said Harry's name, Edward had found him! The leader was pushed away from Edward by that tingly feeling his mate's magic always left on his skin. Had Edward been able to he would have smiled. Edward fell to the ground, wondering where his mate had gone to. When he felt Harry beside him, a surge of joy passed through his body. It soon faded when his mate moved away.

No, where did he go? Frantically he moved his eyes, for they were still the only thing he could move, trying to find his mate. Where is he? Don't let him be taken from me again! It didn't take long for him to feel the presence of his mate again when he collapsed on top of him. Are you all right? He thought but knew there wouldn't be an answer.

"I'm here, your safe," his mate's voice was heard and suddenly he could feel their bond again. It was still weak but it was there. Had Harrison unconsciously closed their bond again or had I done so?

Harrison, he thought with a content purr and took in his scent; the scent he had missed these long weeks.

Someone picked him up and carried him away from his mate. No, he wanted to growl. Don't take him away from me again! He wanted to say but his mouth wasn't moving. He turned his eyes, in frantic search for his mate. Wait, did he know the person that was carrying him? The blond hair and the compassionate gaze seemed rather familiar to him, but where had he seen it before?

His thoughts were broken when he was placed on top of a soft bed with his mate next to him. You're back! He wanted to exclaim but all he could do was think it. Immediately his mate snuggled closer to him and he smiled. It wasn't until those who had carried them left that he realised it.


Harry stirred in his sleep; he had been having such a lovely dream. Edward was back with him again; he could actually still feel him beneath him. His cold hard body pressed against his own, the slight link that reassured him that Edward was there. The presence of his mate near him again was what made the dream so wonderful.

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes, afraid that if he did Edward would disappear. When his mate didn't disappear he let out a sigh of relief. "You're really here," he breathed before placing a kiss against the cold chapped lips. "I thought I'd lost you."

Edward could see the pain in his mate's eyes. He knew that he had hurt him before, but not like this; the pain of losing Edward had been unbearable. His worried filled eyes locked with Harry's, hoping it would ease his pain a little.

"What have they done to you?" Harry mused as he took in his mate's appearance. He knew that Edward wasn't able to move. He had figured the Death Eaters had been torturing him, probably even not giving him time to heal. He wished there was something he could do to help his mate… Wait, maybe I can heal him? It had been a long time since he had used his ability and although he wasn't trained he knew he could do something.

Thinking back to when he had healed the broken memories of his friends, or even when he had healed Cedric, he tried to remember what the key factor had been in the healing process.

What did the healing processes have in common? Love, he realised. Even though his friends had hurt him, he had still loved them. Looking back into Edward's eyes he figured he could heal Edward's entire body; he wasn't sure if a vampire's memories were different than those of wizards and witches. But at least it would be a start.

Harry sat back, closed his eyes and remembered all the precious moments with Edward; the first time they met, the first time they had a date, the first time they kissed, when Edward saved him…everything. How Edward was with C.J. How understanding his mate was. Everything he loved about Edward.

He took all those memories and turned it all into love and focussed on healing his mate's arms first. Although the limbs were attached to the body, the bones were still broken. The cracking of bones could be heard in the silence of the room.

Edward looked at his mate. What was Harry doing? It wasn't until agonising pain shot through his body that he felt slightly frightened. Why was his mate hurting him? No, it couldn't be…Harrison wouldn't do that. But was this really Harrison? His mate had talked to him about the wizarding world a few times and told him how he had changed into someone else using some sort of potion.

Wait, what is he doing? The vampire thought again as the sounds of bones cracking was heard in the room and another agonising pain shut through him before his mate sent warmth into his arm making the pain go away. He's healing me! Comforted that this was indeed Harry and he was only healing him, he relaxed.

Feeling eyes on him, he locked his eyes with his mate. Seeing the exhaustion in Harry's eyes made him worried. Is healing me exhausting him? The last bone in his arm popped back into place and he could see his mate moving down to his legs. No, please, Harrison stop. He thought desperately. He wasn't going to risk his mate. NO, please stop. You're hurting yourself. Please, mate, my mate, stop. Rest and try again later, but Harry wasn't listening to him.

Harry moved back, exhaustion was cursing through him but he wasn't giving in. Not until his mate's entire body was healed. He felt his mate's pleading eyes on his own but what Edward was pleading for he did not know; was Edward pleading to stop or to continue?

Harry decided that healing Edward was his priority and gave it all his strength. He moved from one leg to the other until both were entirely healed. When he was done he crawled up and gently lay down next to his mate again. Exhaustion was clear in his eyes, but he didn't give into it. "I'll look after you," he promised his mate before placing a peck on top of the cold lips and snuggled closer to him. "I'm never going to let you go again," he promised as his eyes dropped closed finally giving in to his self caused exhaustion.

Edward felt his heart jump at those words. His body was healed but he knew he wasn't able to move his limbs yet for he wasn't strong enough. He needed to rest and feed before he would be able to move his limbs but until then rejoiced in having his mate in his arms again.

Now that he was close to his mate again he knew that everything will be fine, as long as they were together!


The next part: Tender Moment