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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

Read count: 70

Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 03

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Rosalie Hale was not a nice person, in fact most people thought of her as a bitch and described her as being tenacious, or pigheaded as her brother, Edward, liked to describe her. She firmly believed that humans shouldn’t know about the existence of vampires and had made that clear when her brother wanted to tell Bella Swan.

When it came to Harrison, her beliefs shifted. She didn’t know much about wizards and had never met anyone before Harrison but what she knew was that they knew about ‘magical creatures’ as they called vampires. It was because Harrison was a wizard that she didn’t mind him knowing about them. For some reason this revelation was quite liberating; now she could be herself without the risk of being found out.

All through the night she had kept watch over C.J. When the baby started stirring she would walk over to him, while usually using human speed, and sometimes she’d use her enhanced vampire speed, especially when he’d woke with a cry.

The one thing she wanted in her life was a baby of her own. Her hopes had been taken from her when she was turned into a vampire by Carlisle; she still hadn’t forgiven him for that. The only good thing that had come out of this all was the fact she’d met her mate, Emmett.

The baby stirred in his crib again and she rushed over to him. She checked his forehead and found him still warm. Although she had checked his temperature a few times during the night by placing her hand on his forehead, she was still amazed how her cold hands never affected the young boy. A normal person would flinch away, a baby might even freeze to death, but C.J. didn’t seem effected by her touch. Come to think about it, neither did Harrison. She remembered seeing Carlisle had placed his hands on the young man’s shoulder and he hadn’t flinched… Wondering what it meant, she reached for the thermometer and checked his temperature. It was still too high for her liking.

C.J. stared up at the woman before him; she wasn’t his Meme or his Dada. He cocked his head to try and figure out if he liked her.

“What are you doing, sweetie?” Rosalie asked as she saw him cock his head. She hoped it wasn’t another symptom he was developing. “Shall we get something to eat?” Not waiting for an answer she carefully picked him up, making sure to keep him wrapped in a blanket and slowly walked to the kitchen for a milk bottle she’d seen in the refrigerator earlier that evening.

The blonde woman held out his bottle after warming it and he let out a happy sound; something had irritated him last night and he wasn’t able to drink anything but now he was thirsty and she seemed to know what he liked. Smiling happily around the bottle, he decided he liked this woman. She was kind to him, had kind eyes and a nice voice. Also she had very fascinating hair, he reached out and grabbed a hand full to examine it more closely. Yes, he really liked this woman.

Rosalie smiled down at the child in her arms. If she had been human the tight grip the infant had on her hair would most likely hurt, luckily for him, she wasn’t human. The vampire was grateful C.J. had such a strong grip, it could only mean the fever wasn’t something serious but she knew, had he been her child, she’d still go to see a paediatrician, just to be sure.

When the infant finished his bottle, she carried him over to the couch and sat down, gently rocking him, hoping he’d fall asleep again. She looked down at him as she cherished this moment. Although she had been grateful to Harrison when he’d offered she could babysit, she wasn’t so certain it was the best idea. What if spending time with a baby fed her craving and then she’d one even more?

Looking at the peaceful face of the young boy in her arms made her realise it was worth it. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with him, for spending time with the baby made her feel whole, complete.

The vampire was pulled out of her musings when C.J. started crying. She gently rocked him, knowing there wasn’t much she could do to help him for his body was still fighting the infection. It took her a moment to calm him down and when he did he kept staring at her as if he was trying to tell her something.

Rosalie looked up when her enhanced hearing heard movement in Harrison’s room; C.J.’s cries must have woken him.

“Look who finally decided to join us, C.J.” The vampire said when Harrison entered the room.

“How is he?” Harry asked as he checked his son’s forehead, wincing when he noticed it was still too warm.

“His body’s fighting the infection,” was all Rosalie said as she handed him his son.

“I think I’ll take him to the hospital, that’s what your father said, right?”

“Yes,” the vampire confirmed. “You want me to come along with you?”

“That’s all right, I’m sure your mate’s waiting for you,” he smiled up at her. “Thank you for taking care of him tonight.

“It was my pleasure to watch over him for you. He really was no problem at all, and I would be very happy to watch over him some more if you need it.” She smiled down at the baby as she said this, truly meaning every word of it.

“Could you thank your father for me, I believe I forgot to do so last night?”

“I’m sure he knows how grateful you are but I shall tell him.” The vampire helped the wizard pack his baby bag before she turned to him again. “He’s been fed this morning and I changed his diaper.”

“Thank you,” Harry was very grateful Rosalie was able to watch over his son during the night. It had given him some time to regenerate his energy.

“If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call me.” She waited for Harrison’s nod. “I shall take my leave now, as you said my mate’s waiting for me and feels a little neglected.” Emmett had called her on her cell in the morning, asking what was keeping her. When she’d explained the situation, he’d been very understanding and told her he’d see her when she got back.

She gave C.J. a kiss on top of his head and Harrison an awkward hug before leaving the family alone.

“It’s just you and me again, little man,” Harry said to his son, who was studying him. “I better get you to the hospital.”

Harry stepped outside, carrying his son and realised how stupid it had been of him to send Rosalie away. He didn’t know where the hospital was, nor did he have a car; he’d have to take the bus.

It took him longer than an hour to arrive at the hospital; he’d stepped on the wrong bus once and the people kept complaining about the noise C.J. made. Grateful he’d finally arrived at the right destination, this time, he stepped inside. He searched for the right place and was lucky, for a paediatrician was ready to help him.

He followed the female doctor to a private examining room, where C.J. was thoroughly looked over. “You told me he had some fibre stuck in his throat?”

“Yes,” Harry replied. “Doctor Cullen was able to remove it and he told me that caused the infection.”

“Yes, well, Doctor Cullen isn’t a paediatrician,” was the curt reply.

“I know that,” Harry replied, a little annoyed. “That is why I came to the hospital.”

“His body’s fighting the infection and he should be fine within a week,” the paediatrician told him as he picked C.J. up. “Just make sure he drinks enough fluids.”

“Thank you,” Harry replied as the doctor handed him his son. “You’re going to be okay, aren’t you?” He asked his son as they left the room.

C.J. stared up at his daddy, happy to have left the room. He didn’t like that woman; she wasn’t nice to his daddy.

Harry didn’t like it that C.J. didn’t gave him a verbal response, normally he’d react to him verbally; maybe it was the fever? When he stepped outside the hospital he had come to a decision. Next Wednesday he’d go to pharmacy in the magical community and get some fever redundant potions.


The first Wednesday after C.J. had gotten sick; Harry was on his way to the magic school. He enjoyed how different this magic school was from Hogwarts; the classes are more advanced, there were fewer students and two teachers to a class, instead of one. Not to mention he was learning much more than he’d ever did at Hogwarts.

Harry closed his eyes as he stepped inside the grand building and took in the power surrounding him. How he missed practising his magic openly. He was so ready to use his magic again. Although he had some experience in not using his magic, practising this at his relative’s house over the summers, this past week had really torn at his control. Not being able to perform a simple scanning spell to check his son’s health had really bothered him.

Now that he was in the magical community, he was going to get some potions. So, he wouldn’t have to go through that again. That way, when C.J. would get a fever, he could administer the potion and cure whatever was ailing him.

The halls of the magic school were filled with students; some were hexing each other while other talked about the latest gossip. Harry didn’t have any friends here; he wasn’t going to let himself make friends. He would hang out with his classmates when he was at magic school but that was all.

He walked over to his first class, and sat down at his usual seat and took his wand out; they would be duelling in this class. He loved duelling; it was a great way to let loose his frustration.

The first time he had arrived at this school he had told the headmaster that he was a fugitive in Britain and didn’t want to be tracked. The headmaster, who was willing to give anyone a second chance, had told him that the school was warded against magical tracking; he could freely practise his magic without the fear of getting caught.

The class filled with the students and started not long after but not before one of the teachers cast a spell to send the chairs and tables against the wall. Harry was paired with a boy almost twice his size. They bowed, turned around and took 5 steps before turning back again. He was able to dodge the first hex and fired of a stunning spell of his own. The boy was much more experienced in formal duels than he was but he was faster and able to block most of the hexes thrown at him; not to mention he had experience in informal duels.

The dual went on for a good hour; both of them were getting tired. Harry was hit with a painful spell in the arm and almost wanted to fire off a more dangerous spell, which he had picked up while duelling Voldemort, but he’d caught himself just in time and bit his tongue; it resulted in him being hit with an immobilize spell, ending the duel.

“Good duel,” the boy, Harry had forgotten his name, said to him.

“Yes, you are rather good,” Harry told him.

“You are good yourself,” he replied. “When did you learn this?”

“Oh, you know, at my previous school,” Harry replied, he wasn’t about to get into detail how he learned his duelling skills while duelling the most powerful dark lord of their time.

The mediwitch came over to go over the curses the duellists had been inflected with and to cure any effects that lingered

Harry had been grateful for this exercise, not only had he been able to test his duelling skills, he’d been able to lose some of his frustrations, from worrying over his son. He was glad to get rid of it, if only for a little while.

Harry hadn’t noticed that he and the boy had been the last two who were still duelling and most of their classmates had gone over to watch them. Being surrounded by all these people was making him nervous; he could hear the gossip mill starting up. Most of them were wondering how he had learned to duel like that, for it was known that the magic practised at Hogwarts wasn’t as advanced as in America. They tended to keep their youngest more in control while in America they felt they should know all there is to know.

He was grateful when the mediwitch gave him the ok and left for his next class: Wandless Magic. He’d been amazed how often they used wandless magic in America. Simple spells could be produced with wandless magic; only when the spell would be more advanced, often they were more dangerous, and would subsequently use their wand.

Harry had to start with the basics, for he had never used wandless magic on control before. He knew he could do it, how else do you explain those ‘incidents’ that had happened in the past; like when the glass disappeared in the zoo or his hair had grown back when his aunt had cut it too short. He loved the idea; it made him feel more in control.

Since the beginning of his fifth year he’d felt a little restraint while practising with his wand, like his wand was used to limit his magic instead of producing it to its maximum limit.

He was now learning how to tap into his core, releasing his magic little by little. If he kept this up he could practise magic at home, without the use of his wand.

After this class he had Glamours and Charms; a way to blend in with the muggles, and Warding Magic after that. He still had to get used to the teaching here but he was certain he’d be able to get a hand on things soon. He had to study these classes in the first semester, the next three semesters he would have different classes.

When his classes were over he packed his bag and quickly left; hoping the pharmacy was still open. He found one open and went inside. “Hello, may I help you?” the woman at the counter asked.

“Yes, do you have any fever reducing potion that work on babies?” Harry asked. He knew that normal fever reducing potions were way too strong for someone as young as C.J..

“Yes of course,” the woman behind the counter was way too cheery for Harry’s liking. She walked away from the counter and got some potions. “How much do you want?”

“Uh, two should be fine,” he figured he could administer one and have one spare. “I can give him this right away?”

“Yes, of course,” the woman behind the counter repeated.

Harry paid for the potions and quickly left. Something about this didn’t feel right… When he got home he was going to test the potions before administering them to his son. He wasn’t about to risk his C.J.’s life.

When he got home, he tested the potion, before greeting the two people in the living room, and found out that, although it wasn’t the potion he’d wanted, it was harmless. Harry shook his head after he found out the results, were some people really that desperate to get money? They had to make fake potions? He would have to see about investing in his own cauldron or his potion professor so they could make the proper medicine for his son.

He sighed and went to spend the rest of the evening with his son.