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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

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Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 16

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Harry rested his head on his arms, it had been a long and tiring day for him. Jasper, Emmett and Edward had gone out, hunting. Jasper had told him that Edward hadn't fed since arriving in Britain so Harry had told them to go and Rosalie and Alice were still protecting the Diggorys; although he hadn't seen the two vampires, he was told they had come and would be watching over C.J. and the Diggorys so Harry wouldn't have to worry about them while he handled things here.

Severus Snape exited the basement. He saw the young adult sitting at the kitchen table; his head in his hands and a soft glow surrounding him as if he had erected a privacy shield around him. Snape held out his hand, expecting it to shock him. When it didn't, he stepped inside, noticing that it was indeed a privacy shield.

"Where are your body guards?” He asked the silent figure.

"Hunting,” Harry replied as he looked up. He blinked as he noticed the shield. He hadn't heard Snape saying the spell.

"Your doing, not mine,” the potion master told him as if reading his mind.

Harry nodded. Figures; his magic was once more protecting him. He needed to talk to someone, privately, and wasn't certain the house wasn't bugged with recording spells. "Luckily my magic knows when I need something before I do,” he shrugged.

"How are you holding up?” Snape asked him as he sat down next to Harry.

Harry sighed and shook his head. "I'm okay, not exactly how I suspected things would happen.”

"What was that thing with the memories?” Snape asked curiously.

"I'm a natural healer,” he finally told Snape, whom raised an eyebrow in question. "I found out today at the vaults. Dad was one and now I'm one as well.” Harry shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts. "I actually found out by accident a few years ago. I didn't know what I was or how I did it but I healed Cedric at that time.” He closed his eyes as the memory took hold of him.

It had been a few weeks before the third and final task. Cedric and Harry had hooked up, so Cedric could teach him a few hexes which he may be able to use in the final task. Harry had hit Cedric with one of the hexes which he hadn't been able to dodge. The Hufflepuff had fallen to the ground, hitting his head. Harry, in a panic had run to the older boy and placed his head in his lap. Somehow he'd been able to tap into his healing powers and healed the wound on the back of Cedric's head. For a moment the two boys had looked at each other in shook.

"Did you just heal me?” Cedric had asked.

"Yes,” Harry had replied. "I think so.”

Neither had known what else to say but Harry had leaned down and kissed the older boy; realising that he could have lost Cedric he'd asked him to hold him through the night. Cedric, also realising what he could have lost, held him close till the morning light.

After that he'd tried many a time to heal someone but it never worked again, until he started studying it at the magic school in America and learned how to tap into that power.

"How do you return obliviated memories?” Snape inquired. "I never heard of anyone being able to return the memories before.”

"I just repair them,” Harry shrugged at his explanation. "When you obliviate a memory you basically just tear it apart. All I did was bring the pieces back together.”

"Why didn't you heal mine?”

"I take it Edward had given you the message then?”

Snape nodded. "I hadn't even noticed he'd moved until I felt him probing my mind. He looked at my pocket and I felt a note inside it.” The potion master shook his head. "I never knew vampires could move that fast.”

Harry nodded. "I didn't heal your memories because I saw that the headmaster wasn't the only one who obliviated you. Voldemort has done so as well. Not to mention that some of your memories were tampered with because you wanted it to.”

"You could see all that?”

Harry shook his head. "No, I just figured that some memories you needed to remove in order to become a spy but, like I said, some memories were obliviated by Voldemort and I wasn't sure you'd want them back since I don't know how to select just one. I'm only able to heal all your memories.”

Snape took a moment to think about this. "Maybe it's best we leave my memories as they are until every thread had been dealt with.”

"You like living in America?” Snape asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes,” a small smile grew on the young healer's face. "After the Aurors first arrived in America I moved in with the Cullens at Forks before I stayed at a house they owned in Canada when the Aurors found out where I was. They have been very kind to me.”

"It seems as if you've found your family,” Snape observed.

"Yes, I believe I have. I mean I see Esme as a mother figure…or at least how I'd think a mother should act. She's been very helpful ever since I met her. She's helped me out with C.J. a lot. As has the rest of the family.”

"What about Edward, you seem rather…attached to him and you've told Poppy you like him.”

A slight blush covered the healer's face as he looked down at his hands. "I like Edward…a lot,” he admitted. "But I don't think I was ready. I mean, in the beginning he reminded me a lot of Cedric. The first time I saw him I thought he was Cedric, to tell you the truth. I could only see his profile. He looked so much like Cedric and for a moment I believe it was him who had returned to me but then he turned and I realised he wasn't Cedric. I had felt disappointed but I got a chance to know Edward and I really like him.'
"But even though Cedric's dead I still felt as if cheated on him, it's the reason why I told you no when you suggested to bond with him…” Before Harry had moved to Canada with C.J., Snape had wanted to suggest to bond with Edward for this way he'd be safe from the half-bond, but Harry couldn't do that and cut him off before he could even suggest it.

"And now?” The potion master persisted.

"Now I don't know…” At this point he wasn't certain of anything. He liked Edward, he really did, and there was this pull towards him but what if things didn't work out? Was he willing to risk his heart again?

When Cedric had died, part of him had died as well and it was only because he had C.J. that he was willing to go on with his life. Was he willing to risk his heart as well as his life and that of Edward? He knew the vampire was almost impossible to kill but there was still a risk, and if you hang out with one Harry Potter trouble would find your way and sooner or later everyone around him dies…

"Do you love him?” He was shocked out of his musings by the next question.

Harry took a moment to consider the question. Did he love Edward? He couldn't deny that he felt attracted to the vampire nor the fact that he had feelings for him but did he love him? "No, I don't,” Harry replied. "But I might.” He suddenly realised, he was willing to risk his heart, maybe not their lives but they could work on that…couldn't they?

"You might?”

"I didn't let myself fall for him, you know? I felt as if I would be betraying Cedric and so I never allowed myself to feel more than friendship towards him but I cannot deny there's more to my feelings than that.” A soft smile played on his lips. "I think Cedric knew…” he suddenly said, as if just realising something.

"Cedric knew what?”

Harry turned to his ex-potions master. "He came to me, when I was at the Diggory's. We're not exactly sure how, something about a myth,” he told Snape before he could ask. "He was just there. He'd told me he's been watching over me, that he would never leave me and that he'd always love me no matter what decisions I made. I think he was referring to finding love again. He knew I'd feel guilty to open my heart to anyone else.” He shook his head as another bright smile graced his features. "He always knew things before I did.”

Snape couldn't help the slight curl of his lips at the contented look that had graced his ex-student's features. "It seems as if you've found your place in the world and a family for your own. All you ever wanted.”

"Yes,” Harry confirmed. He then turned to look at Snape. "I went to the Potter-Diggory vault,” he made sure Snape knew which vault he was talking about. "You and Poppy have stood by me when no one else would and more times than I'd like to remember both of you have saved my life by risking your own. Not to mention that without the two of you, C.J. would never have been brought into this world.'

"I may still be Harry Potter, especially when I'm in Britain, but the moment I set foot in America I shall be Harrison Diggory again and it shall be my honour to call you my father and Poppy my mother.”

Snape swallowed and nodded. All he had ever wanted for Lily's son was for him to grow up and have a relatively normal life. The year that Harry Potter had come to Hogwarts, the headmaster had asked him to act as he did towards Harry. At that time he'd agreed; he hadn't wanted the death eater children to run to their parents and tell them their beloved Head of the House was getting friendly with the Boy-Who-Lived. If he had known then what he knew now about the supposedly boy hero he would have never treated him the way he did.

The moment he'd found at that Lily's only son had been abused and neglected by her own sister, he'd thrown a fit and destroyed half his potions lab. After Harry defeated the Dark Lord he'd tried everything he could to get Harry away, not only from his relatives but from the headmaster as well. He'd been so relieved he and Poppy had been able to secure a flight to America for the new parent and his son. It sometimes helps to have contacts in high places.

After that he'd kept a close eye on Dumbledore's actions. When the headmaster had found out Harry was in America he'd already been too late. Dumbledore had grown suspicious of him but he had been able to earn back the trust by finishing the bonding potion that would make sure Percy Weasley would be able to give the headmaster his newly acquired magic. He had thought Harry was safe so he was shocked when he found out Harry had been brought in.

The week Harry had been with them he'd tried everything he could to make sure Harry could escape. Alas, he had not been successful but he had come up with a plan. He'd already heard from the Diggory's that the vampires had arrived and were ready to break Harry out. When he found Edward in Harry's room he knew what had to be done and when. It was their only shot. During the Bonding Ceremony the vampires had to rush in and take Harry away…luckily that had all worked and they even received a new obstacle, at least for Dumbledore; Harry was already bonded, which meant that he couldn't be entered into another bond.

This boy, this young man, had gone through so much in his life and never had anyone heard him complain. Snape remembered the first time he laid eyes on the legendary Harry Potter, a small and skinny boy with a thin face. He had his father's untidy black hair and his mother's bright green eyes which were open in amazement.

This young boy had to grow up way to fast. For most of his life he's known pain and loss and only glimpses of happiness. Yet, none of his experiences in his life had brought him down. He was still hopeful and kind and generous. Not to mention protective of those he loved even those who have hurt him in the past.

Snape licked his dry lips. "And I am proud to call you my son.”