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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

Read count: 89

Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 19

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Edward and Harry drove back to the Cullen residence, the vampire opened the car door for Harry and now they were standing at the front door. "I had a really lovely time," Harry said with a smile. Although the music hall and the museum hadn't gone well, he had an amazing time when they were at the park. Never before had he felt so comfortable and peaceful in another person's presence.

"So did I," Edward smiled down at the younger boy. He was about to lean down to kiss him when he heard his family's voices. Release him, he heard Carlisle saying. We won't let you take him.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked when he noticed Edward starting to walk away. Being a human, he wasn't able to hear the ruckus in the backyard.

"I'm not sure," he led Harry to the back, where his family was crouched down standing in a defensive position, surrounding someone.

Harry quickly recognised the headmaster. Fear took hold of his heart when he noticed what the headmaster was carrying. The headmaster had yet to notice their arrival. "No," the word escaped him before he could control himself, alerting the headmaster.

Dumbledore turned around and faced the two newcomers. "Hello, Harry, my boy," he said. "I just got acquainted with your family and may I say you've been holding out on me. I assumed you were working with vampires considering your rapid escape in Britain but I never suspected you lived with a whole coven. Not to mention this little fellow. He's yours I assume," Harry didn't say anything. "I'm curious as to whom his mother is."

"What do you want?" Harry asked, ignoring the question.

"That's no way to talk to you old headmaster, now is that?" Dumbledore replied. "Now as for what I want, I think you already know that. I want your magic but seems like I have an even better option." He raised the baby in his arms. "At such a young age, this one is rather powerful. When he comes to his full powers, he'll be the most powerful wizard alive."

"Give me my son," Harry demanded.

The headmaster took a step back. It was then that Harry noticed the heap on the floor. His old potion professor lay on the floor, bruised, bloodied and not moving.

"He's alive," Edward whispered in his ear after reading his thoughts. The vampire was able to hear to slow heartbeat. It was faint, but it was there.

Dumbledore followed Harry's stare. "Yes, Severus… Did you know he tried to kill me?" He asked, cheerfully as if they were old friends. "He made a potion and all. But I've always suspected he's not as loyal as he claimed to be, with him being Slytherin and all. You can never trust them, you know? Also there was the fact I wasn't able to see into his mind at times, especially where you were concerned," he looked at the sleeping bundle in his arms. "This is just an assumption but I think you've made a vow with Severus so he wasn't able to talk about this at all, nor was I able to read his mind about this. One thing I do enjoy about you Harry, my boy, you are too predictable. You do anything to protect those you love.'

"I wondered why you never really fought back, back in Britain. Now I know, you wanted to protect your new vampire family, Severus and your son."

"Give me my son, now," Harry demanded, his magic crackling in the air.

"I don't think so," Dumbledore replied. "I am going to be the most powerful wizard alive, Harry, my boy, and I need him to do so. I'm going to take him. Do I have your blessings? No? Oh well…" and Dumbledore Disapparated.

"C.J. No," Harry screamed.

His daddy's screams woke him up. "Dada?" He asked, looking up at the man carrying him. But this man wasn't his daddy. His daddy didn't have a white beard. His daddy was soft and kind and he felt safe in his arms, while this man was hurting him. He didn't like it. He wanted his daddy.

His daddy was hurting; he could feel it. He didn't like it when his daddy was hurting. He needed to go to his daddy to make him laugh. It hurt so much, his daddy hurt so much. He would kiss the hurt away just like Dada taught him. He needed to go to his daddy and he needed to go now. He wished with all his might he was with his daddy again.

Harry stared at the space his son had previously vacated. His son was gone…C.J. was gone. What kind of father would let his son be taken? On the day C.J. had been born he'd promised him he'd keep him safe, that he would protect him forever. He'd failed his son. The one thing he should have done as a parent he'd failed at.

C.J. was gone. His reason for living was gone. C.J. had been the only reason he had gotten out of bed every morning. The reason why he'd fled Britain. The reason he did anything and now that reason was gone. What point did living have now?

In the corner of his eyes he could see the vampire family getting closer to him, all wanting to comfort him. Edward, the thought entered his head before he could stop it. Thinking like this wasn't fair to the vampire but how could he go on without his son?

Harry's magic crackled in the air, pushing every one of the Cullens away from him except for Edward. Edward was the only one who could get close to him. He kneeled down, just as the wizard fell to the floor, cradling the wizard against his chest. The wizard's thoughts had broken his heart but he understood, for he felt the same way.

C.J. had quickly become a part of his life. Every day he needed to see him. If he didn't he felt so lost.

"We'll find him," he promised the sobbing wizard. He'd hunt the headmaster down and tear down everything that would cross his path if he had to.

The words made Harry sob louder. He willed with all his might C.J. was back here, with him…and Edward. "Edward," he sobbed into the vampire's shoulder, grabbing a hand full of the vampire's shirt, reassuring himself that he wasn't alone.

A loud crack was heard and the vampires looked at what had happened. A confused Dumbledore stood on the same spot he'd just vacated.

C.J. saw his daddy and called out to him; his daddy looked up but was still sad. He willed himself to his daddy's arms so he could comfort his daddy; he wasn't able to help him from this distance.

If it wasn't for Edward's vampire speed, C.J. would have fallen to the ground, but he caught him as soon as he appeared in Harry's lap. Harry's arms quickly went around his son holding him close. "C.J! Oh Merlin, C.J." he whispered into his son's hair, breathing in his smell. He's really in my arms again.

Edward sprang into action, when he knew C.J. was safe in Harrison's arms, quickly pushed father and son behind him, ready to protect them at all cost.

Jasper and Emmett had also gone into action and grabbed the confused wizard by his arms, preventing him from leaving. Dumbledore started to struggle but he was no match against the two vampires. "Release me at once," he ordered but the vampires paid him no heed. They looked with worry as Carlisle had kneeled down besides the unconscious potion master and was now checking his vitals: all the noise made it difficult for the vampire to hear the soft heartbeat.

"He's barely alive, we need to get him to the hospital," he told his family. Rosalie had already sprinted into action and came back with one of the cars. Carlisle and Esme carried the unconscious form into the car before turning back to the rest of their family.

"What shall we do with him?" Emmett asked, nudging his head toward Dumbledore.

Harry, still safely hidden behind the mind-reader, looked to see what had happened while he checked his son over, making sure he hadn't been harmed; he hadn't realised what had happened for he had only eyes for his son. The question registered and he took a step towards the headmaster, with Edward still protecting him and his son while he thought about the options. He didn't want the family to kill him nor did he want to do it himself.

Before he could make a decision, several cracks were heard and a handful of wizards and witches appeared. "Harrison, are you all right?" One of them asked and Harry recognised him as Jack, the headmaster of the American school.

"Jack," Harry said gratefully. "I'm fine…" before he could ask how he knew to get here he was pulled into the arms of one Poppy Pomfrey.

"Thank Merlin you're all right," she said then looked down at C.J. "Is he all right as well?" Harry confirmed her question with a nod.

"But Severus isn't," he told her and looked over at Carlisle.

"We were about to take him to the hospital," he told the mediwitch and led her to the car.

"Take him to the house, I'll take care of him," besides the fact that she knew Severus would never forgive her if she brought him to a muggle hospital, she knew she was his only hope, being the only one who knew how to treat him.

Carlisle and Esme sprang into action and took the unconscious form of the potion master inside with Poppy following them.

"Albus Dumbledore, you are hereby charged with conspiracy against the British government, the endangerment of a minor and attempted murder," one of the newcomers said as he advanced on the restrained wizard.

Jasper and Emmett watched as Dumbledore was bound before releasing him. The wizards took hold of him but Dumbledore found a way to release the bond and was able to break free. Another of the wizard anticipated this and fired of a hex.

Dumbledore jumped out of the way and blocked it, sending a hex of his own. The wizard was hit in the arm, but had already fired off another hex which hit the headmaster in the leg. The spells were flying from all the different wizards and witches, taking Dumbledore down. He fell to the floor and one of the witches grabbed his wand making sure he couldn't use it anymore.

Dumbledore still struggled just as another hex was thrown. The hex hit him straight in the chest sending him skidding across the ground, lying deadly still.

Harry had combined his magic with his son's and Edward's and created an anti-Apparate shield around them, preventing them from Apparating away. It wasn't until the death of the headmaster was confirmed that he removed the shield; he didn't want the old man to escape. Although he'd never wanted Dumbledore dead he knew that this was the only way for him to be truly safe from the vile old man, especially now that he knew about C.J. He would hunt them down until he got what he wanted. Even prison wouldn't stop him.

"Looks like we got here just in time," Jack said as he walked over to the small family.

"Actually, you got here too late," Harry told him. "He'd already Apparated away."

"Then how come he was still here?"

"C.J. somehow intercepted his Apparation and brought them back here, before Apparating into my arms," Harry explained, fondly smiling down at his son. He'd never been more proud.

"That is one powerful child," Jack sighed, amazed.

"How did you know to get here?" Harry asked.

"Madam Pomfrey contacted me. She told us she had received a message from Professor Snape, telling her that Dumbledore was on his way to America," Jack explained.

Harry nodded. He'd told Poppy all about the headmaster at Magic School and knew he could be trusted. He must have contacted the British and the American Ministry of Magic and sent Aurors to help. He looked around and noticed everyone was all right, some wizards and witches had been hexed but they were taken care of. The remaining Cullens were all right and had stood aside while the wizards and witches battled Dumbledore. He turned to look at Edward, who gave him a nod, letting him know he was all right as well. Harry gave him a weak smile before turning his attention back on his son, who was smiling happily up at him. He kissed the top of his head before he remembered Severus had been badly hurt. He rushed into the house, with Edward on his heels. After tonight, the vampire wouldn't leave him alone even for a second, knowing the young wizard needed the support.

Harry froze once he was inside. Severus was lying still bloodied and bruised on the couch with Carlisle kneeling down next to him, performing CPR. Poppy lay on the other side of the room, also bloodied with Esme kneeling next to her. "What happened?" Harry whispered, not being able to speak out loud.

"We don't know," Carlisle told him. "Poppy was checking him over, said some words. A red light illuminated from Severus and flung her across the room. His heart stopped and he isn't breathing, neither is Poppy, for that matter."

Harry looked between Severus and Poppy. These were the two people that had always protected him. They had been the ones that had given him a chance to live. In the process, they would have given this cause their lives. They had given it their lives, all to protect him. Severus had brewed a potion which would kill the headmaster. Dumbledore had found out and somehow hexed the potion master so when someone performed a standard check up spell, they'd get hexed themselves… killing both, patient and healer, in the process…

This wasn't happening! Hadn't he lost enough already?! He'd lost his parents, his husband, his godfather, his friends and now his adoptive parents, the people who'd given him the world. Was it never enough?

Edward quickly pulled the wizard into his arms. If he could he'd give them back to him but he couldn't. They were gone, dead, not even the venom would work to turn them. He could feel his shirt getting wet as Harrison sobbed into his arms.

It's all my fault, the thought came into his mind and he knew it was Harrison's. "Much has happened in your life which you had no control over. Yet you take all the blame upon your shoulders," he made Harrison look at him. "This is not your fault. You are not to blame."

Harry nodded but the words weren't really registering.

Edward, why don't you make sure Harrison gets some sleep. He must be exhausted, Esme's thoughts ran loud and clear in his mind and he nodded. "Come, Harrison, let's get some sleep. Both, you and C.J. are exhausted."

Harry nodded and let himself be led towards the vampire's room. Edward helped him, first undress C.J. and then himself before changing into their night clothes. He carefully placed C.J. on the bed and then spooned behind him, not wanting to leave his son.

Edward gazed at parent and child before he turned off the lights and made to leave. "Edward?" the voice was soft, innocent like. He turned, easily finding the wizard's eyes in the dark and waited for him to speak. "Stay? Please?"

The vampire didn't reply but softly walked over to the bed, raised the blanket and slid into the bed, spooning up behind Harrison and holding him close. He would watch over parent and child tonight; nothing would harm them as long as he's there.