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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

Read count: 68

Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 02

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Harry was grateful school was over and quickly left, hoping not to bump into anyone. He had just faced one day of muggle high school and he already hated it. Within the hour he was safely back at his new home, since he didn’t own a driver’s license, or a bike for that matter, he had to walk.

"How’s my little man," he asked his son as he walked inside the living room. Looking over at his son to see if he was all right, he smiled when he noticed the babe was asleep. His son always had the same effect on him; making him smile no matter how horrid the day had been. He carefully placed a kiss on top of his son’s head before he turned to the woman besides him.

"He hasn’t been much trouble, has he?" It had been hard to leave him in that morning, as it had been in previous mornings, but he knew he would need a muggle high school diploma if he was ever going to live in the muggle world. If he was going to pull this off he needed someone to babysit his son. Luckily he had met Esme Cullen.

Not long after he’d moved into Forks he’d taken a shopping trip to buy some much needed baby supplies, since he’d never bought any baby supplies before he’d been pacing up and down the different aisles in one of the baby shops when the woman had come in and helped him out. Apparently, she’d been watching him pace up and down, looking distraught, and no one else in the shop was willing to help him; so her compassion had told her to help the young man out.

She had walked up to him and asked if everything was all right. Everything had fallen into place at that moment; however, while his instincts told him to trust her, his mind wanted to rebel.

The minute he shook her hand, he knew she wasn’t human. It wasn’t every day that he met a beautiful, cold skinned, ageless woman. His first thought was that she was a Veela, but knew the coldness of her skin didn’t fit the description of one. Thinking of all the creatures he could, he cross referenced everything he knew about her, and had landed on vampire. While his mind told him vampires were dangerous, his instincts told him to look her in the eyes.

When he finally managed to look into her eyes, he found something strange. A vampire’s eyes were usually red; yet hers were topaz, which could only mean she didn’t feed on human blood, instead she chose, willingly, to consume animal blood.

Harry had spent a few days with her when she had offered to babysit for him but before he could come to a decision she voluntarily told him she was a vampire. He had been beyond grateful to her that she confided in him, and in return told her that his son and he were wizards. After he’d confided in her he’d agreed she could babysit his son while he was at school.

"No, not at all. He’s a sweet little angel," Esme answered his previous question, bringing him out of his memories, as she smiled up at the wizard.

"Thank you for watching him. I don’t know what I would have done if…" he stopped, not being able to finish.

"How was your first day at school," she asked him changing the subject.

"Horrible," Harry said as he sank into the couch. He noticed Esme’s raised eyebrow and continued. "This girl said something horrible about you and I blew up in her face."

"What did she say?" Esme sat down on the opposite chair.

"Just stuff…" Harry was reluctant to tell her what was said but continued after a look from her. "She told me all your children were together, that they were adopted and that you can’t have any children, like that makes you less of a great mom."

"People will always gossip, Harrison," she gently told him. "But I’m grateful you stood up for me."

"Someone needed to tell her to shut up," he noticed Esme’s small smile. "Not that I actually said that," he mumbled slightly embarrassed.

Esme gave him another sweet smile. "Do you have any homework?"

"Just an English report," C.J. cried out when he woke up and Harry was beside him in an instant. He carefully lifted him from his crib and hugged him close to calm him down.

"I swear, what kind of teacher gives homework on the first day of school?" he said as C.J. took hold of his finger as he began to calm down.

"Why don’t you give C.J. to me, then you can finish your homework and have the rest of the evening to yourself?"

"That is a good idea, actually."


Harry settled into his new life at Forks pretty easily. Esme had most definitely been a great help to him; when he went to the muggle high school and every Wednesday when he went to magic school she would baby sit C.J. Everything was turning out great.

Well, except for the fact that C.J. was currently throwing up over his shoulder. He had been sick since last night and it was only getting worse. He kept trying to calm his son down but to no avail. "Shh, little man, you’re okay," he kept repeating over and over.

Not knowing what else to try to bring the fever down he called Esme. Unfortunately someone else picked up the phone. "Cullen residence," was said into the receiver.

"Yeah, this is Harrison; I need to speak with Esme Cullen. It’s important," his voice was desperate but he tried to calm himself down. It wouldn’t do to go into hysterics on the phone with a stranger.

"She isn’t here right now," a soft, concerned voice said on the other line. "Is there something I can do to help?"

"No, I mean, I really need Esme." He was confidant that Esme would know what to do. Even though she was a vampire she tended to know a lot about babies. His thoughts were broken when C.J.’s cries kept growing louder and louder.

"What’s wrong?" The persistent sounding voice, which combined with the increasing volume of his son’s cries finally made him cave in.

"It’s my son," he began. "He’s sick. He doesn’t want to eat, cries all the time and tends to throw up a lot, well more than normal, and he feels hot. I don’t know what to do…"

"Calm down, son. My name’s Carlisle Cullen, I’m Esme’s husband and I’m a doctor. Maybe I can help?" On the other line Carlisle could here the cries of the child so clear that he didn’t even need his enhanced vampire hearing. His wife had talked about the wizard she was babysitting for. He had to admit that he was intrigued by the young man and had wanted to meet him but not under these circumstances.

"Doctor? Yeah, I guess." The relief didn’t go unnoticed by Carlisle.

"All right, Harrison, listen to me. You need to calm down. I’ll be there in 10 minutes." He knew where the young man lived, his wife had told him in case of an emergency.

"Yeah, okay." Harry hang up the phone and started pacing as he tried to calm his son down. "You’re going to be okay," he repeated once more. He was slowly losing his mind; he didn’t know what to do. He was a wizard yet he couldn’t use any magic to help his son. He hated the underage law. Not to mention that they would be able to track him if he used his magic.

How did muggles do it? How, without the help of magic, did they raise their children without freaking out? Or maybe they did… but knew what to do under these circumstances.

He kissed the head of his son once more as he prayed the doctor would hurry up already. It took the man exactly ten minutes to arrive, just like he had said. Harry quickly walked over to the door and opened it, relief shooting through him when he saw the vampire doctor.

"You must be Harrison, I’m Carlisle and this is my daughter Rosalie. This must be C.J." The man smiled down at them, hoping to calm the young man down. "May I?"

"Yeah, yeah," Harry gently handed C.J. to Carlisle. "Will he be okay?"

"Why don’t you let Carlisle check him over," the woman, Rosalie told him.

Harry finally looked at the woman and took in her appearance. She was beautiful, like a goddess. She had shoulder length blonde hair, a stern but gentle face and very kind eyes. He nodded at her in appreciation and thanks.

"Why don’t I make you some tea?" It wasn’t normal for Rosalie to warm up to a human easily, especially not after the incident with her brother. However, the young man, who was practically freaking out about his son, had somehow reserved a place in her dark cold heart. She’d felt a strong pull to the wizard. A look shared with her vampire father told her he’d felt it too. She now understood her vampire mother when she’d said there was something different about the wizard, something that had drawn her in.

Harry sat down while keeping his eyes trained on his son and the doctor, who had place C.J. on the dinner table so he could check him over. "Thank you," Harry said to Rosalie when she handed him a cup of tea and sat down next to him; hoping her presence would somehow calm him down, even if only a little.

The silence that fell over the house was deafening. The only sounds that were heard were the soft cries from the young child. It took Carlisle half an hour to check C.J. over. When he was done he handed C.J. back to Harry, who immediately hugged him close to his chest.

"He has a fever and had some kind of fibre stuck in the back of his throat," Carlisle stopped seeing Harrison’s horrified look.

"He had…" Harry stopped, shocked. "I’m a bad father…how could I let this happen?"

"Harrison, you are not to blame. These things happen. You couldn’t have know," Carlisle tried to reassure him but wasn’t successful. The young man started pacing, rambling about what a bad father he was.

Carlisle placed his hands on the young man’s shoulders to stop him and looked into his eyes. "Harrison, listen to me," he began. "You are not a bad father. It sometimes happens that a baby ingests a fibre. Usually they end up in their stomachs but sometimes they get stuck in the back of their throats. This doesn’t make you a bad parent. These things happen naturally and to the best of people. The fibre had been deep in his throat; which irritated the area and caused an infection. It also made his gag-reflexes act up, and that is why he’s been vomiting so much. The fibre has already been dislodged, normally it happens naturally but sometimes the body helps more, such as with C.J. If his fever doesn’t break tomorrow you’ll need to take him to the hospital."

Once more the young man looked up at him shocked. "This is just a precaution, nothing to fear about. All you need to do tonight is keep his temperature down and make sure he’ll eat something tomorrow. I don’t want to risk it tonight with his throat being so raw."

Harry looked up into the concerned eyes of the older man. It was in that moment he remembered that the Cullens were vampires, though he had registered it earlier, it wasn’t until his anxiety and fear were going away that it came to the forefront of his mind. He pulled away from the vampire and nodded. "But he’s going to be okay?"

"I believe so, yes," Carlisle confirmed. "Just make sure he has a good night of sleep; all the crying has made him exhausted and further contributed to his throat being sore. Give him some fluids tomorrow, nothing heavy, and check to see if his fever has broken." Carlisle had noticed the boy’s reaction after his concerns for his son were seen to and gave him a sad smile. "Esme told me you were a little skittish about vampires."

Harry shook his head. "It’s not that. In fact, Esme’s the first vampire I’ve met. She explained you are vegetarians." He took a moment to recollect his thoughts. "It’s just that children get hurt, us mere mortals get hurt," he said signing between himself and his son. He looked up desperately into the vampire’s eyes. "I just don’t want to provoke you or any of your family members with our blood. Especially not since I’m the only one he has left."

Carlisle couldn’t help but smile at his words. "Harrison, I’m over 300 years old and have been a doctor for most of those years. I can assure you that I can control myself around yours or this little man’s blood." He gave another small smile as the young boy in Harrison’s arms let out a yawn. "And Rosalie has never hungered for human blood, never even tasted it. That is the reason I brought her with me."

Harry shook his head. "I’m sorry, I just…I…"

"We completely understand." Carlisle took in the appearance of the young man. "It looks like you could use a good night of sleep as well…"

"I do," Harry sighed. "C.J.’s been sick since yesterday evening and has kept me awoke most of the night." His eyes fell on his son noticing he was sound asleep. "I feel like I should have known something was bothering him…"

"No," Rosalie, who had been silent the whole time, finally spoke, making him look at her. "Don’t blame yourself for this. As Carlisle said you did nothing wrong. These things happen. C.J. just happened to swallow a fibre which he couldn’t ingest."

Harry nodded his head in gratitude once more. No matter what they said, he still felt responsible. He and his son had a special bond. He should have known something had been bothering him…he should have!

"We shall leave you now so you and C.J. can get some rest," Carlisle tried to sound comforting. He could see the young man still blamed himself. Unfortunately there wasn’t a cure for feeling guilty, so there wasn’t anything he could do here anymore.

A slight case of panic shot through him. How could they just leave him alone after what he had done?

"Harrison," Rosalie took a step towards him. "If you want I can stay and look after C.J. while you rest."

Harry took a moment to consider this then nodded. Not only would it gave him some peace of mind he might be able to at least sleep through the night knowing someone was there to help him. "Sure, I’d like that. I’m in need of a good nights sleep and knowing someone’s here might help me fall asleep or at least stop me from worrying too much."

"Then it’s settled, Rosalie will stay here and if anything happens or if you’re just too worried call me." Carlisle said and the wizard nodded. He turned to his daughter. "I shall inform Emmett you won’t be coming home tonight."

"Thank you," Rosalie told him. Under any other circumstances her mate would be jealous but she was certain he’d understand.

The older vampire nodded before taking his leave.

"Why don’t I take him to bed?" Rosalie asked as she saw the fatigue in the wizard’s eyes when she turned back to him. Harry nodded and gently placed his son in the vampire’s arms and led Rosalie to C.J.‘s bedroom.

Rosalie gently placed the sleeping boy into his crib, covered him with a blanket and then kissed the top of his head.

The wizard stood in the door opening watching her. "You’re really good with him," he noted. "I take it vampires can’t have any children of their own."

"No, we cannot. It’s the one thing I regret about being a vampire."

"Yes, Esme has told me a little bit about you and your siblings. She said you are the one that regrets not being human anymore, more than the others do?"

"Yes," Rosalie’s answer was soft but honest. "I’d give anything to be human again."

It took Harry a second to come to a decision. "You know, whenever Esme’s busy, I guess you could help me out, when I need the help, that is. I mean, if you are available."

The slight flush that covered the human’s face was quite endearing. "I’d love to help out. Thank you." The gratitude shone in her eyes as they locked with the wizard’s. She may not be able to have children but she had a lot of love to give to a child and that Harrison was willing to let her help out meant the world to her.

Harry wasn’t quite sure what she was thanking him for but nodded, nonetheless. "I’m going to bed…" Questioning eyes fell on the vampire.

"I’ll watch over C.J." Rosalie confirmed.

Harry walked over to the crib, kissed his son on the forehead and then went to his own room. As soon as he fell onto the bed he was asleep and didn’t wake until the next afternoon.