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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

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Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 11

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Harry rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he descended down the stairs. His son's cries had woken him and he was about to check on him when he saw Edward cradling the baby. He stopped and watched.

"Calm down, C.J." Edward said as he rocked the baby gently from left to right. "You'll have to let me know what you want because I'm really not good at this." Both his sisters and his mother were able to distinguish the baby's cries but he didn't know the difference. Luckily he was a mind-reader and was able to recognise one word in the baby world that was C.J.'s thoughts. "You're in need of a change of nappy," he stated.

C.J.'s cries seemed to soften, as if it had been the right thing for Edward to say.

"Okay," Edward said as he walked over to the changing table and carefully laid the child down. "I can do this," he told himself as he first removed the pants and then the diaper. When he picked up a cleaned diaper the cries were intensifying again. "You'll have to help me out here. I've never done this before so I need you to tell me what to do, okay?"

The baby's cries grew softer, as if he was contemplating what the vampire had said. Yes, he could do this; he had seen his daddy and his Meme do this a thousand times before.

With C.J. picturing each step in his mind, Edward was able to change the diaper successfully. "We make a good team," he said to the child as he picked the happily cooing baby up.

"You certainly do," Harry said as he entered the room.

"Dada," was heard from the child.

"Hello, little man," Harry said affectionately. "Has Edward been helping you out?"

"Eddy," C.J. replied and pointed to the vampire.

"I guess he has a nickname for you now as well," Harry told the vampire.

"Yes, it would seem so," Edward replied.

"Where's Alice?" The wizard asked after a moment of silence.

"She's gone hunting," Edward explained.

Harry nodded at the explanation.

"You seem anxious," the vampire stated as they sat down. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure," Harry replied. "I guess I'm getting more anxious as my birthday approaches." It was July already, and just a few more days before Harry would turn 17 and become off age. "Not to mention my magic's getting more and more out of control." Jack, the headmaster from the magic school had visited him twice a week to Apparate him to magic school where he could learn more tactics to control his magic, he was also able to graduate at the beginning of July.

"Do you know what will happen on your birthday?" The vampire inquired.

"Not exactly, I know my magic will increase and I bet it'll hurt but other than that, I have no idea," Harry told him. He'd been reading up on magic inheritance and hadn't been able to find anything on what exactly would happen to him, only that his body would need to adjust to the magic.

Edward read the thoughts in the wizard's mind and suspected the pain would be excruciating. "I'll be with you throughout the entire time," he promised the wizard before he thought about it.

Harry gave him a weak smile. He knew that Edward wouldn't be able to help him against the pain but to know that someone was there all through the process was a nice thought.


"You know Harrison, you never did tell us about his mother," Alice asked as Harry put C.J. to bed while she and Edward watched. The distraught expression on his face told her everything. "She passed away?"

Harry gave her a small nod, not wanting to go into it. Softly they left C.J.'s room, not wanting to wake up the recently sleeping child.

"I'm sorry," she said truthfully.

Harry gave her a weak smile but didn't comment on it.

"You are rather young to have a child, though," she probed, not paying attention to the full out death glare Edward was shooting her way.

"I am," Harry replied. He knew she wasn't trying to be mean or judging, just observant.

Alice's eyes glazed over as she looked into Edward's future. For some reason she had never been able to see Harry's future. It always was like a great fog to her as if he never could make up his mind. When she saw that Edward's future was fogged over as well, she quickly left the two off them alone; knowing this meant he'd spend the day with Harrison and hopefully the young wizard would confide in her brother.

"I'm sorry, she can be rather curious," Edward apologised. He couldn't understand why his sister had probed him so much. He hadn't been able to read her mind as she kept reciting the alphabet and wondered what was going to happen now that she had left.

"It's okay, they are just questions," Harry sank into one of the chairs outside in the garden.

"Harrison," that musical voice took hold of him. "I am here for you if you need to talk about something, you know that right?"

Harry nodded but didn't say anything for a while. He was just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere around them. Whenever the vampire was close to him he felt safe, cared for and maybe even loved. He couldn't really understand what made him feel like that whenever Edward was close; he just knew that he liked it and wanted to have it for as long as he could.

"Cedric was my first love," he suddenly said into the silence, shocking Edward who had been relishing the peace and closeness of the wizard himself. "I met him in my third year. We had a game of Quidditch against each other. I fell off my broom when the Dementors came too close," he knew Edward didn't know what Quidditch or Dementors were but he couldn't get himself to explain. "He hadn't realised I was falling of my broom and he won the game. He later called for a rematch but we thought they had won fair and square.'

"Cedric had felt guilty and visited me a few times in the hospital wing. I guess you could say we became friends. He was three years older than me but it never mattered to him.'

"In my fourth year, I was entered into the Triwizard Tournament and he helped me through the year. I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't been there for me." A soft smile started to play on Harry's lips, making Edward a little jealous. He wanted to be the one that brought that type of a smile to the other boy's face.

"Our second task was to seek that which we would miss the most at the bottom of the lake. I was a little worried Cedric would be the one thing I'd miss the most, because at that time he already meant the world to me but I didn't know what the task was yet.'

"Cedric was the only person I ever confided everything in. I had told him about my relatives, my fears, my dreams and hopes. I confided in him that I'd never learned how to swim and that I was terrified of the water. One night, he took me to the prefect's bathroom and taught me how to swim.'

"I remember that day only too well. It was about three months before the second task. It was one of those nights that I couldn't sleep. I went outside to take a walk when I ended up at the lake. Cedric found me and we started talking. We started to joke around. He wanted to push me in the water but I freaked out and hit him. I was so embarrassed that I didn't talk to him for about a week. He was so worried that he took me out of one of my detentions telling the professor that I, as one of the champions, was needed.'

"He took me to an abandoned classroom where I confided in him. Telling him that I was sorry that I freaked out and that I was sorry I hit him. He told me that it was all right as long as I told him what happened so he wouldn't do it again. You don't know how embarrassed I was that I didn't know how to swim and I had to tell Mister Perfect." Harry closed his eyes. "And he was perfect; everything I had ever wanted to be."

Edward felt as if he should be jealous but somehow he couldn't find a reason to be jealous.

"But he was kind and said that I shouldn't be embarrassed about something as little as that," Harry continued. "That night I met him at the grand stairs and was led to the prefect's bathroom. He took great patience in teaching me how to swim. He held his arms under me as I floated in the water. The minute he removed his arms I went under but he was quick to pick me up. It was then that I received my very first kiss." He licked his dry lips as the memory took over him.


Seventeen year old Hufflepuff, Cedric Diggory took in the site of the fourteen year old Gryffindor, Harry Potter. Harry was too short for a boy his age and too skinny. "You need to get undressed," he told the younger boy. They were at the prefect's bathroom to teach Harry how to swim.

He noticed the younger boy hesitating. "You don't need to hide anything from me."

Harry hesitated a second longer and then started to undo his shirt. "You don't have to keep staring," he tried to joke but failed.

"I'm sorry," Cedric replied and turned away. He had already undressed to his swimming trunks. He sank into the bath and waited patiently for Harry to finish.

He turned to the younger wizard who was also down to his trunks and slid into the bathtub.

"You're ready?" He waited till Harry nodded. "Okay, just lay back in the water. Trust me; I won't let anything happen to you."

Harry hesitated and then followed his instructions. He felt Cedric's hands on his back and relaxed into the water.

"Okay, I'm going to let you go now."

Harry wanted to disagree but before he could the hands were gone and he sank under the water. Not a second later the hands were back and made sure he re-surfaced.

"Are you okay?" Cedric's voice was concerned. His eyes worried. Harry just nodded, suddenly realising how close he was to the older boy. He looked up into the grey eyes and licked his suddenly dry lips.

Cedric followed the movement with his eyes. He noticed how small the fourteen year old actually was. All he had to do to kiss him was bend his head in a 90-degree angle and he could claim those calling lips as his own. Instead his hand started roaming the boy's body, going higher until it could cup a rosy cheek. His thumb wiped away some of the remaining droplets from his face.

He cupped his chin and guided them to his own, finally claiming those sweet lips as his own. A moan emanated from his throat as their tongues met for the first time. The boy's kisses were clumsy, hurried, as if he had never kissed before. He probably hadn't. However, It simply made it all the more real.

The older boy broke the kiss only to claim that sweet addicting mouth again. Slowing the kiss down, making the younger boy weak in the knees. His arms encircled Harry as he pulled him closer and held him up.

Harry was grateful that the older boy was holding him up for he knew if those arms disappeared he'd fall to the floor or drown. The older boy's tongue and mouth were slowly driving him mad. Feelings he couldn't describe took over him. His entire world focused on the boy holding him. He wanted; he needed Cedric to kiss him forever and ever.


As Harrison relived that memory Edward saw it as well. The beast inside him was screaming that Harry was his and no other should ever kiss him, while the man, inside him, was grateful Harrison had known at least one moment of true happiness.

"It took me two months to learn how to swim. He was so proud of me," Harry continued. It had been the night of the second task, when both had figured out what to do and how they'd do it. Harry had been so worried that he wouldn't be able to pull it off, for he still hadn't been able to find anything to help him out with the second task. That night, Cedric had also taught him how to do a bubble-head charm, "just in case," he had said. When they went on to the swimming lessons Cedric had told him he was ready to face it.

Harry had swum one circle around the bathtub while Cedric sat on the edge watching. Sure, he wasn't the fastest swimmer but he got the job done. Cedric had pulled him into his arms and kissed him deeply. As Cedric went to lie down on the floor, he'd pulled Harry on top of him. Their crotches had met, making both of them moan aloud. The older boy had wanted to pull away but Harry wouldn't let him and had held him tight.

Harry had never felt that way before. His body felt on fire, especially his lower regions. Somehow thrusting against Cedric made it feel ten times better. He couldn't stop moving against the older boy. His body felt as if it had a mind of its own, harder, faster he thrusted until he saw stars before his eyes and had to break the kiss to catch his breath.

"What was that?" he had asked as he gazed down into the older boy's eyes.

Cedric had smirked. "That, I believe, was your first orgasm."

Harry had been slightly embarrassed when Cedric told him about touching himself, for honestly, who would have taught him that? Yet, he had also been grateful Cedric was there to teach him those things.

"You know, I'm very proud of you," Cedric had told him as they dressed. Harry remembered smirking at the older boy, making him chuckle. "I don't mean about that, though I have to say you're a very good student," he had pulled him in for a soul soaring kiss. "I meant about you being able to swim and that you're opening up to me." Cedric sighed; afraid he was going to say something stupid. "I guess I just want to say that I love you." The surprised look on the younger boy's face didn't go unnoticed. "I know you're not ready to return those words. I just felt you had to know that."

Indeed Harry hadn't been able to return those words. Not because he couldn't say them. He just wanted to be sure he meant them when he said them. It was the most Cedric deserved. It had taken him a few months to return those words of love and he'd never seen Cedric so happy.

"I still miss him," Harry said after a short silence. "I still love him."

"It is always difficult to lose those we love, especially a first love," Edward spoke from experience. Although he had broken up with Bella it had still hurt him to lose her. He pulled the young wizard up and into an embrace, gently rubbing his back in soothing circles, trying to comfort him.

Suddenly the vampire went rigid. Pulling away from the wizard, he searched his surroundings, something was off…

"What's wrong?" Harry asked concerned, before there were various loud pops and three wizard's stood in front of them.

Two of the wizards had their wants pointed at them. "By order of the Ministry of Magic of Britain we are sent to take you back to Britain for your trial hearing," one of them said.

Edward crouched down, ready to defend Harry. They weren't going to take Harry away from him not if he had anything to say about it.

Edward, don't, he heard Harry's thoughts loud and clear. I need you to take care of C.J. for me. Edward shook his head. He had made a promise; he would take care of both of them. Please, it was that little word that did it. He turned to face the wizard and nodded his consent. Yes, he would take care of C.J. but he would also find a way to save him.

The wizards took hold of Harry's arms and with one lingering glance Harry disappeared for a second time.