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Ashes in the Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry Potter defeated Voldemort after his fifth year. Being expelled from Hogswarts he flees to America where he meets the Cullens. Will he be able to start a new life or will his past catch up with him?

Categories : Fanfictions Twilight, Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Edward Cullen, Harry Potter

Pairings : Edward/Harry, Harry/Edward

Genre : Drama, Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 21

Completed : Yes

Word count : 61.502

Read count: 68

Published: September 1, 2019

Updated: September 1, 2019

Ashes in the Wind Chapter 20

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Edward watched over the two sleeping figures that night, making sure their slumber was peaceful. He read the youngest mind and noticed his dreams were happy; mostly of being safe in his daddy's arms. The youngster had been through enough and had been very upset when he couldn't find his daddy. Now he was the happiest person alive.

Harrison had placed his son on top of the blanket, to make sure he wouldn't suffocate him but the child was shivering slightly so the vampire quickly got up, retrieved a second blanket and placed it around the sleeping child. When a smile appeared on the child's face he returned to his position, snuggling closer to the wizard.

He took a moment to read the wizard's thoughts. "Cedric, no," the wizard mumbled in his sleep as Edward saw what was happening; he was at some graveyard, together with Cedric. They thought it was part of the task when Harry remembered he'd been there before, in his dreams. Realisation struck him and he told his husband to get back to the cup, but Cedric wouldn't leave him. They were in this together and nothing would keep Cedric away from him.

"Kill the spare," was heard from their left and before anyone knew it Cedric was hit by a bright green light, sending him flying backwards. He had died before he hit the ground. Harry had cried out but couldn't go to him. He was trapped.

The scenery changed as they entered the graveyard again. Cedric was alive, once more, but it didn't last long, the same scene played out but this time when Cedric hit the floor Harry rushed over to him.

The vampire knew the first had been a memory while this one was definitely a nightmare.

Harry threw himself over his husband's dead body, crying out for his love, but he wouldn't answer him. People were surrounding them, people he once knew. Dumbledore, Sirius, his friends from Hogwarts, the Diggorys; everyone he once knew. "You killed Cedric," they all blamed him.

"No, I didn't," Harry cried out, his voice but a whisper. "I could never hurt him." The accusations kept going around; everyone blamed him for Cedric's death, just as Umbridge had done in his fifth year. He kept shaking his head. It wasn't true, he'd never hurt Cedric.

Suddenly the body beneath him started to move. Surprised he looked down. "You killed me, Harry," the body accused him, reaching out to him but before he could reach him the scenery changed.

"I love you, Harry," Cedric told him as he kneeled down next to his husband. It was as if he had felt his husband's anguish and had come to chase the nightmares away.

Harry looked up into his beloved husband's grey eyes and threw his arms around him.

As the vampire watched this intimate scene, he felt as if he was intruding. Yet, the beast inside him was telling him to tear them apart. Harrison was his now and no one else should ever touch him, even in his dreams.

He watched as Harrison leaned up to kiss Cedric. Cedric kissed him back passionately only to change into his own image. He watched as Harrison opened his eyes and smiled. "Edward," he whispered before kissing the dream version of him deeply again.

It was then that the vampire understood. He would never replace Cedric in Harrison's eyes, for Cedric was the first person to love Harrison without wanting anything in return. The first person Harrison trusted completely. The first person to give him hope. The first person he'd known and lost. His world had been shattered when he'd lost Cedric. Nothing had held any interest to him anymore, except for C.J. and now Edward.

Although his heart had been shattered before, he was willing to risk it again with Edward. He was willing to risk it all for him and that gave him a warm feeling in the gut of his stomach.

Harrison's dreams changed again. This time he could see his godfather being lost in the veil. He kept calling to Harrison to help him but there was nothing he could do. Then his image changed into that of Edward. Harrison reached out just in time to catch him. "Don't ever leave me," Harrison told him as he pulled him into his arms.

"Never," the dream version of the vampire promised him.

"Never," Edward echoed.

Again the images changed. Harry and Edward were at the park, almost the same one as the one they'd been on their first date. They sat as they gazed at the stars, just as they'd done on their date. It seemed like a normal dream. Until Dumbledore showed up and killed Edward.

Edward knew that in real life he couldn't be killed by a simple hex but that was a dream and he was dying. He gently shook Harry, not wanting him to go through that not even in his dreams…or nightmares.

The wizard woke up, checked to see if his son was still asleep. Satisfied that he was he looked over his shoulder to see if Edward was still there, when he saw that he was still behind him he smiled and laid back, taking hold of the vampire's hand and holding it close to his heart and closed his eyes.

Edward had to smile at the wizard's antics. He began to sing a lullaby hoping to make the wizard fall asleep again and hopefully with good dreams instead of nightmares. The rest of the night he watched over the pair, waking them up if they had a nightmare.

The next morning Edward noticed C.J. was waking up. Because he was still trapped by Harrison he couldn't go over to C.J. to make sure he wouldn't wake up Harrison. Before he could decide how to solve this little dilemma his sister, Alice, came in quietly and picked up C.J. She walked to the door before she sent a thought at her brother.

Let us take care of the little one, while you take care of Harrison, it said. Edward gave her a slight nod, to let her know he had heard her before she left.

Edward knew how nervous Harrison had been the day before; the date had weighed heavily on his mind. He had been afraid that he'd screw it up somehow and that Edward wouldn't like him anymore. Edward was still amazed at how low Harrison's self esteem really was.

Even though on their first date things had gone wrong, he really had an amazing time. He got to spend some time with Harrison, getting to know him more and Harrison getting to know him in turn. They even shared their first kiss… No, nothing could compare to their first date. It was, in one word, perfect.

The events after their date didn't help with Harrison's exhaustion either. So, now, he let him sleep as much as he wanted. This way he would be able to forget about all that happened these last 12 hours.

As he held the sleeping figure closer to his dead, cold body he was amazed at how the cold never affected the wizard. When Bella had touched him she had always felt the cold, even for just a second. She always tried to hide it but he could see her flinch every time. Yet, with Harrison, it felt as if his skin was warming up right before impact; to accommodate Harrison's temperature.

Some things were different; he'd noticed some slight changes these past few days. Like he could tune out anyone else's thoughts and focus on Harrison's or C.J.'s only. He'd never been able to do that. He'd been able to focus on one's thoughts alone but he'd always heard a whisper of other people's thoughts. However when he focused on either Harrison or C.J. no other thoughts could be heard. Not even a whisper. What he also noticed was, when Harrison's magic pushed everyone away; he'd let Edward in.

Harrison stirred about an hour later. His first thought was ‘where's C.J?' and looked around.

"Alice took him so he could get cleaned and fed," Edward softly told him, not trying to scare him.

Harrison visually stilled and tried to calm his erratic heart. He had been certain he'd fallen asleep with his son in his arms and to find him gone had been quite a scare. He turned around to face the vampire. "He's all right?"

"Yes," Edward replied. "You have but to say the word and she'll bring him right back."

For the first time that morning Harrison smiled. "No, if he's all right then that's fine."

Harrison noticed he was still holding one of Edward's hands in his own and entwined their fingers, not the least bit embarrassed about it. The events of the previous day rushed up to him and he needed the support that he knew only Edward could give him. His eyes locked with those of the vampire. "They're really gone, aren't they?" he asked him.

"Yes," was the vampire's only reply. There wasn't anything else he could say. There were no words that could comfort the wizard, no words that would bring them back. Harrison had told him how Poppy and Severus had adopted him as their own. He'd been so happy to finally have a real family and to have them taken away from him again before they could be a family was devastating.

Harrison closed his eyes and nodded. Yes, they were really gone. The two people who wanted to be his parents were really gone. Tears were making their way down his cheek and he could feel Edward wiping them away with his free hand.

"Harrison, you may not want to hear this right now, but know that you have a family here," Harrison opened his eyes and looked at the vampire as he continued. "Esme has seen you as her son ever since she had to babysit for you. We all see you as part of this family. We all have since the moment you stepped into this house. I don't know how to explain this but you've been a member of this family the moment we met you."

Harrison knew that the Cullens were also his family but somehow he'd always felt a little separate from them. His search for a normal family had made him blind to what was right in front of him. His real family. His real vampire family.

"Carlisle and Esme see you as their son and C.J. as their grandson. While Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice see you as their brother and C.J. as their nephew."

Harrison liked his dry lips. "And how do you see me?"

"You are the most precious thing in this world to me," Edward told him as he caressed the wizard's cheek. "You are a part of me as I'm a part of you and I would never ask more of you then you are willing to give."

"You should really stop reading romance novels," Harrison blushed. The vampire had a way with words that shot straight to his heart.

"Be that as it may, it is still the truth," the vampire replied as he rolled on top of the wizard.

The wizard gazed into the vampire's eyes. "I like it when you tell the truth," he whispered before crushing their lips together. Harrison moaned into the kiss as his body came alive under the ministrations of the vampire. As was his stomach; it growled, loudly, breaking the two of them apart.

"Come, you should eat something," the vampire said. "I'm sure Esme will whip something up for you."

Harrison smiled. "That sounds like a good idea but I think I'd like to shower first."

Edward kissed the wizard once more. I love you. The thought came unbidden but he'd meant it and was glad he was the only mind-reader in the house. He wasn't sure Harrison was ready yet to hear those three words.

Harrison shot him a smile and he could have sworn he heard the words "I know you do" in the wizard's mind. It was as if they wizard had read his thoughts. "I'll wait for you," he said before he rolled away.

"I know you will," Harrison told him before he went to the bathroom to shower.

They walked downstairs together, holding hands as they descended them. Together they entered the living room and watched how Emmett threw C.J. in the air and ran away only to rush back and catch him again. C.J. was squealing in delight asking to do it again and again.

Edward sat down on the couch and pulled Harrison down with him. Harrison settled back against the vampire just as Rosalie was scolding her husband. Emmett huffed and then pretended his arms and C.J. were a plane and started flying him around the room.

Harry smiled at the picture that his son and Emmett presented. It finally dawned on him that he did have a family. He told Ginny in Britain that they were his family; it hadn't really dawned on him back then, but as he looked around the room – with Jasper and Alice sitting together watching the scene before them just like he and Edward were, Rosalie scowling at her mate and C.J. laughing with Emmett – he realised that these people, vampires, could be his brothers and sisters…no, they are his brothers and sisters. He may have lost his family yesterday but he's gained a new one as well.

"Yes, you have a family," Edward whispered into his ear. "A family who wants you here, a family who loves you."

Harrison smiled up at him and gently placed a kiss on his lips.

"Harrison, there's a woman asking for you in the fireplace," Esme told him as she entered the living room.

Harrison stood up and cautiously walked to the fireplace, Edward following him. When he recognised the face he breathed a sigh of relief. "Professor McGonagall," he invited her in.

"Mister Potter," disbelief showed on her face. "So, I guess, Poppy's big secret turns out to be you."

"Yes," Harry only said, he wasn't sure what Poppy had told his ex-head of house.

"I received a note from Madam Pomfrey which told me that if anything should happen to her a Harrison Diggory would tell me what happened," Professor McGonagall took out a note and let Harrison read it.

"Please come in and I'll explain what happened," he led his ex-professor to the living room. Esme gave the professor some tea before sitting down. Harrison decided to stay standing, Edward right behind him.

Harry took a deep breath before he began after introducing her to his family. "Before I can tell you what happened to Madam Pomfrey I'll need to give you some history. You might know that after I defeated Voldemort, Dumbledore and the Ministry declared me the next Dark Wizard. I can assure you that I've not gone dark nor have a lost control of my magic."

"I never believed you'd turn dark, Mister Potter," Professor McGonagall told him, honestly.

"Thank you," Harrison said. "I fled the country because I had to take care of my son."

McGonagall had noticed the young child in the tallest vampire's arms. She knew he must be Harry's son, the dark messy hair was a good give away. But the eyes, the grey coloured eyes, reminded her of another student she once had; Cedric Diggory. The name Harry had adopted as his own had confirmed in her mind that Cedric was, indeed, the other father of the child.

"Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape were the only two people who helped me escape. They've been watching over me since I was eleven. I may not have noticed it then but I do now. Without them I wouldn't be here." Harry shook his head. "Dumbledore found out where I lived and tried to take my son away. Professor Snape had found out what he planned to do and tried to poison him. Dumbledore found out about it and, well, pretty much beat him up. He put him under some hex so when Madam Pomfrey performed her basic scanning spells on him, she got hexed," Harrison swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. Edward felt his pain and tried to comfort him, pulling him into his arms loosely around him.

"The hex killed…" He wet his lips before he continued. "The hex killed both of them instantly."

McGonagall nodded her head. "She didn't suffer?" Harrison shook his head. "What happened to her body?"

"I don't know," Harrison told her and looked around the room.

"They were taken with the American Aurors," Carlisle told them. "They said the funeral would be held in the next few days."

"Thank you," McGonagall told him.

McGonagall spent the rest of the afternoon with them while Harrison talked about what Madam Pomfrey and Professor Snape had done for him and his son. When she left Harrison, Edward and C.J. went outside to take a walk.

Edward was carrying C.J. with one arm while the other was slung around the wizard's waist. C.J. kept slipping so he had to readjust him. "You know, you could use your other arm."

"I don't think I'm ready to let go of you just yet," the vampire told him.

"And I'm not ready for you to let go," the wizard replied as he snuggled deeper into the vampire's loose embrace.

"You okay?" The vampire asked.

"Hmmm…." Harrison only replied. "Just processing things, you know?"

"Much has happened in these past twelve hours that have hurt you and I wished I could give them back to you or that they hadn't happen but there are also things that I'm grateful that has happened. I'm sorry you lost your family but I'm grateful you realised you have a family and you do have a family with me."

"I know I do," Harrison said as he turned in his arms. "And I'm grateful for what I have," he told the vampire before capturing his lips in a passionate kiss; realising for the very first time that not only did he have a family but that he was safe from Dumbledore and the British Wizarding World. Finally, life was perfect!